Moment of Gratitude

Meditating with Dr. Williams

Meditating with Dr. Williams


25 years with Bart and Dr. Williams nudging, watching, caring, protecting, coaxing, waiting for me, as I groped through a non-reality that I thought was real – the world I had created in ignorance and emotion and arrogance dissolving to reveal reality – gratitude, joy, love, consciousness - the rest not real. The love that I am, the strength, the power, knowing reality is – even when I glance away.

Love, consciousness have not moved, are always there - waiting for me to remember and come back to them in meditation, in feeling the love of people and in each plant, each stone, each event, in everything around me. Knowing love is - the gratitude and joy of my life.

25 years is a very, very long time, that seems to have passed in a flash. My gratitude is deeply felt - for Bart’s and Dr. Williams’ patience in waiting for beauty to unfold, for having faith in me that reality would be rediscovered. Who could construct such a world, with Bart and Dr. Williams to love me into discovering it and claiming it and knowing all of it is me? My soul sings to heaven…God be with us all.



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