Bart Smit

Bart Smit

The experience of mystics down the ages has been that happiness is inherent in our souls; it is not something to be gained a new. All that is necessary to do is to uncover it.

If we can silence the chatter of the mind, we will experience this inherent happiness. It is dependent only on one thing, the silencing of thoughts. This means that in order to experience happiness intentionally we have to make our mind silent, calm and relaxed.

  1. What is my life purpose and how can I best fulfill this through my work/career/professional life?
  2. Given my soul’s purpose, what would the perfect career/job look like for me?
  3. What qualities do I need to bring forward in my workplace to be successful?
Jun 01 2012

There is a dramatic shift within humanity that is going to take place within the next several years. Partially because there is a huge quantum leap in awareness and consciousness, an awakening that is happening more than ever before. The soul is trying to prepare so that you can move forward.

People have been talking about the rising of Atlantis, about the ending of the calendar, well, it’s not coming, it is here. It’s not coming tomorrow, it’s happening today. Is the ending of the Mayan calendar the ending? It is the ending of a reptilian culture. It is the ending in the way that we have conducted ourselves. There is a dramatic shift within humanity that is going to take place within the next several years. We are returning to our original design where one did not just communicate with the mind, one communicated with the soul.It was the soul that spoke, not the mind. We knew the dance of the soul, we knew its language. You are now learning to listen to the language of the soul.

Apr 30 2012

Hello my dearest Bart,

I have attended my sixth retreat with you this year and this is the first feedback email I am writing to you.  I suppose I have now overcome my inferior mindset since I am writing to you now (finally).

I had a sense that this retreat would be very different in the months leading up to it and my suspicion was confirmed.  This being the seventh one, I believe, was very auspicious in itself.  For me, it was a truly healing experience that was an aggregate of all the work I have done, all the education I have had, all the dark places I have shed light on.