Jul 09 2013

The last time Bart and Dr. Williams spoke at Akasha’s Den they shared some of their wisdom about living, dying, evolving, transcending… not necessarily in this order… maybe…

Jun 10 2013

At the last Bart Smit’s channeler lecture, Pathway to Consciousness event, Dr. Williams talked about situations and feelings many of us have spent our lifetimes in and what we need to do to liberate ourselves from them to become the Conscious beings we really are.

Nov 27 2012

Part 3 – Dr. Williams channeled by Bart Smit – Free humans from their own slavery of behavior or addiction.

People come to me because their hearts either need to expand or their hearts are heavy. And even though they’re getting answers, it isn’t just the answers they’re looking for, they want to expand into another realm of existence and of meaning.

For those whose hearts are heavy, it isn’t just the words that give them a sense of peace or insight. There’s a profound shift and healing and a renunciation that occurs that gives the person the opportunity to move beyond their mind and the burden of their heart to move into a greater path of liberation. So the reality is that people come to me and basically they ask me questions. There are a lot of people who come to me who are linear. So when they see me, I give them the answers they seek, but along with that there is a transmission of wisdom. So those individuals go ahhhh, ah-ha! And that is one kind of person who comes to me. Another person who comes says ah-ha! And all of a sudden feels that there is an expansion.

Nov 13 2012

Part 2 – Pathway to self-realization are transparency, vulnerability, and love.

By the time I was 8 years old, I was sold 12 times as a slave. My faith in humanity did not exist. My faith that God was watching over me had been destroyed. The food I ate was so sparse and sporadic that my body could barely grow properly because of malnutrition. My innate ability helped me to survive and sense when a master was either going to beat me or make me work until exhaustion would make me hit the ground. As a young man I’d not only lost my connection to my family, I’d lost my connection to any dignity, sense of self-preservation, or security. I had been raped from every dignity in the world. Through constant deterioration psychologically, and the endless

Oct 30 2012

Dr. Williams and Bart are two separate entities, so they can’t both participate simultaneously in the same event or converse with us at the same time. And in order for Dr. Williams to come through, Bart needs to leave his body so Dr. Williams can speak to us. Dr. Williams is pure Consciousness and pure Love and he no longer needs to inhabit a body. He has “risen above body consciousness and duality and roams free like a child throughout the universe”. But how did he get to the place where he no longer needed to reincarnate? The following blog and upcoming two are excerpts from transcripts of Dr. Williams' teachings over the past two years. They are taken from the Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreats and from lectures at Akasha's Den. In the past, Dr. Williams has rarely spoken publicly about his previous lives and his mission. This is the first time that we have a compilation of his unique journey.

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