Aug 18 2016

If I wake up in the morning and stay in moments of grace, happiness, light, and wellness, I don’t have to put a lot of energy into it. It’s self-sustaining. What does that mean? We’re used to creating energy of abandonment and rejection, almost like a locomotive. We’ve generated anger, disappointment, and abandonment, but light just shines through us. We don’t have to do anything for that to exist, it’s all natural, all around us. What happens if you realize your entire goal is to feel and see light? Light is liberation, Consciousness, and freedom.

Jan 08 2015

If you can create tapestries of emotions or experience – when somebody says I want to be happy; happiness isn’t something you get, it’s something you earn. Every time you’re happy, remind yourself. That’s one tapestry. The next time you’re really happy again, bring these two tapestries together. And the next time, until you create a whole blanket, a quilt, then you have joy on a regular basis. The part of your being that you’re beginning to dive into is a complete blank canvas. That black void; it’s a room of complete darkness. In reality the room is not dark, but that’s how your mind perceives it so we’d overlook it. When you are experiencing this moment of connection, silence, or knowing you are in the vast void, that is one tapestry, one square.

Dec 02 2014

This year is very interesting, particularly what we’re moving toward, because we’re no longer coming from a place of just pure intellect. We’re feeling – feeling our way into a new experience. We’re not just having an intellectual thought.

As individuals you were mainly used to having thoughts, then you learned a lot about emotions and realizing that emotions don’t dictate who you really are, and now you are basically coming from a sense of feeling. You are feeling your way through; you’re feeling what you’re sensing. You’re being very authentic, very sincere, and very genuine to your relationship with God.

Nov 05 2014

When Consciousness is born, atoms are increased. An atom is literally your connection to the whole universe. So the human part of me says I need to know the answer, and the spirit part of me waits until there is a sense of what I’m going to do. That is literally because I’m one with the universe. The atoms and my soul actually travel together. Atoms are what are in the universe. But an atom also brings you an awareness. If you look at somebody like the Dalai Lama, why does he have so many atoms? It’s because he becomes the universe.

Jul 17 2014

The present shift in Consciousness has not been possible for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time.

It is interesting to watch people who really want to be connected to God, really want to be one with God. They don’t even want to get on the subway any longer or sit in traffic. They really don’t want their lives any longer. What they really want is to be at peace.

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