Sep 05 2017

Tell me about God.

Dr. Williams was asked: Tell me about God. This is his reply.

If I was an alien, would I expect God to be alien? I probably would. If I’m a turtle, would I expect God to be a turtle? It’s interesting. Every species that has a certain level of intelligence believes God looks exactly the way that they do. But God is not about a person, God is about supreme Consciousness.

The frontal lobe is meant to repeat the name of God. We’re supposed to be in this synergy. Eventually when someone repeats the name of God, they get quieter and quieter and quieter. What a lot of people don’t really understand – as long as the frontal lobe is full of fear, anxiety, addictions, and heightened emotions – all of that takes us away from God. When you have empathy, compassion, all the virtues of the heart, we begin to understand – oh, Wow! – there’s a sense of forgiveness a sense of peace. We experience God through the virtues of the heart. We don’t experience God because it’s a human being. When we position ourselves as Consciousness vs. emotions, when we begin to observe, we begin to experience God. When we react, we don’t experience God. When we respond, we begin to experience God. So, it ‘s really about responding vs. reacting. Absorbing vs. being in a place of unity with God.

If you look at someone like Gandhi, he needed to really stay within the center of his own Truth. He was shot, right? So here is a guy who is standing in front of you with a gun, and he’s being challenged until the last minute. What are you going to do? Are you going to be afraid? Are you going to be full of rage, anger? So here is Gandhi with a guy who’s shooting him and Gandhi sends nothing but love, because if Gandhi would have done anything else, he would have never gotten out of the cycle of reincarnation.

It’s very much like a horseshoe – we separate from God and as we make our way down along one side of the horseshoe and reach the bottom part, we begin to understand that I am not my emotions. We begin to understand what God is. But when I come up the other side of that horseshoe, I’m going back to God. So, if I go along the other side of the horseshoe, do I basically begin to realize I never separated from God? All this abandonment, rejection, isolation, shame has actually been an illusion and I have never really separated from Consciousness or from God, but it is something I perceived and I have been actually going through?

The ego has 108 mirrors of illusion we call the palace of mirrors. We have 108 aspects of ourselves that we need to free ourselves from – and they can be whatever our karma might be – abandonment, rejection. Most human beings suffer depression, anxiety…these are all illusions of: I am nothing, I am unworthy, I am depressed, I will never succeed. This palace of mirrors reflects back to us our deepest fears, anxieties, or inadequacies. And it keeps reflecting back all 108 of these until we purify ourselves and realize they never existed to begin with. The kundalini is there to take every experience and every lifetime and as it starts to move up the chamber (sushumna), all of our previous lifetime deposits, called samskaras, begin to drop.

When these 108 reflections begin to become purified within ourselves, when we have great courage, empathy, compassion, these are such a major component because we cannot overcome depression, inadequacy, rage, all these lower qualities unless we have empathy, love, compassion – qualities that purify us and bring us back into the heart. But when we forgive and find these basic principles, then we’re beginning to feel and use a part of the heart and now another part of the brain awakens. So when we feel, then we begin to feel God. When we’re feeling, that’s the language of the soul.

As these 108 reflections begin to purify, we begin to perceive the world very differently because the opposite of the 108 illusions are the 108 aspects of God.

How does the brain experience Consciousness? It’s like saying: how does the brain experience God? We think of God as a human being, but we don’t experience God as a form of Consciousness. So are we filling up a glass within ourselves? Are we creating a tapestry of awareness that all of a sudden we’re realizing that we’re connected to the matrix of Consciousness?

People speak about the matrix. The matrix is real – it’s full of illusions, deceptions, fears, anxieties, angers, disappointments, and abandonments. But can we actually roam in another part of our brain where God exists? Is God outside or inside? We’re looking for God on the outside, but when we purify ourselves through the purification of our entire chakra system and the moving of the kundalini, as we look at challenges that come along – and yes, we can be initially inflamed by the experiences – but actually as we overcome that quickly and we find strength, courage, compassion, empathy, and all these virtues of the heart, we transcend ourselves.

When you start to feel and become an observer, you start to feel, feeeeel, feeeeel, feeeeel, you’re opening up a whole new gateway of awareness and Consciousness and accessing another part of the brain where Consciousness, where God, resides. Does that mean we’re now beginning to experience this quantum field of Consciousness that exists within our brain that is God? And the answer is yes.



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