May 31 2017

Now we’re talking about vibration, currency, and luminosity.

A very long time ago the reptiles realized that emotions and fear suppress your self-realization. The more afraid, scared, concerned you are, the more that prevents you from your own luminosity. Now you’ve got to find that faith and heart and what it’s meant to do.

There is a shift in humanity where you can actually become light in vibration and light like a feather. Every day you lift yourself to be as light as a feather. Every day you feel that there is a vibration, a current of energy; and that current of energy holds many currencies. That currency is abundance, gratitude, love, compassion, and financial and emotional freedom. It has all the currents that turn into currencies, or virtues of the heart.

Because of the shift of the axis, people are waking up. So, while they are creating complete chaos, is the axis of the earth changing? Is it moving back into the alignment of the Atlantean times? The answer is yes. You can actually reestablish, reengage – it’s almost like saying: you know what? you now need to speak Atlantean, and you don’t know what the language is. Now you’ve got to retrain yourself to do something that you used to do, but you just don’t know how to do it.

So, what does happen? All the chit-chat disappears. All of the little stuff – you don’t talk about anymore. It’s not important. You don’t want to listen to it. And when you aren’t talking about it anymore, you realize that no one talks to you about it anymore because you’ve made this paradigm shift. Now we’re talking about vibration, currency, luminosity. It’s all about living in currencies of money and energy. It’s all currents. That’s why currencies - money, it’s all currency; currents of energy.

We are in a time where you can actually pull yourself out of this matrix 30, 40, 50 times a day and back into this ultimate suspension mode. There you’re almost in mid-space moving through the waves of the universe, and you can feel the center of your heart and feel yourself completely suspended in the universe. You actually feel like you are in space and moving with the organic movements of the universe.

The lightness is where I’m no longer in the matrix with you. You’re talking and I’m so free in this entire universe that I can feel the universe and my suspended state. You can feel the current, the neural pathways in your brain in the opposite hemisphere that begins to wake up, that says: oh, oh, I’m God; yes, I’m God. I’m not my emotions or defined by them.

You’re introducing two things to the frontal lobe – vibration and light. The frontal lobe is meant to repeat the name of God. That’s what it’s designed for. The frontal lobe is there to keep us constantly in that current of vibration. If you could sustain your lightness and luminosity, the entire matrix of your being will rearrange itself. So when I say to you: if you can feel that currency and really be aware of that and the light at the same time, within three months you’re going to be so grateful to be alive that you’re ready to explode. You’re so grateful that every moment and every cell within your body belongs to the universe.

Throughout your whole year, if you truly become grateful, and truly allow – I don’t care if somebody cuts you off, you can go: you stupid bugger. But if you engage into the action, you’ve just created another mirror of reflection that sits in your future. We are at an intensified period of time when if you become grateful, even if you simply say: I hate my job! Be grateful; because that will get you another job. But the more you loathe your job, the deeper you’re going to sink. The more grateful you are for everything, the more you will get uplifted.

Whatever you think you are in charge of, just realize you’re in charge of nothing! Zero! This is a time where you might think you can think your way out of it and you cannot. But you can lift your way out of it. You need to fly. And if you fly throughout this entire year, you’ll pull yourself predominantly out of this matrix because energetically this is what the universe is all about.

Let this whole personality identity step aside and really TRUST big time. Say: I’m going to be fine. It’s going to be good. God loves me. God knows where I am. God has my address. God has my email address. God has my phone number. I am in his directory. He knows who I am; knows where I live. The reality: that is that shift in the lightness. God knows every moment, every second, every burp, every fart, every moment, God knows.

You are so much more than who you are today.


This blog is an excerpt from the Pathway to Consciousness event in January 2017 in Toronto, Canada. 

Bart Smit's next public appearance is June 3, 2017 at the Akasha's Den in Oakville, Canada.

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