Mar 15 2017

I am not here to be the pain of myself or the pain of the world.

As we’re moving into a new world’s economy, and the United States is going through it’s own battles, this is not a time to process through your lower chakras or other people’s needs or emotions or to let these lower chakras be stimulated. This is the time for you to hold your heart, the part of this quadrant and the reptilian brain and frontal lobe in such silence and stillness because this is how the world gets lifted to great Consciousness.
To help us achieve this, Dr. Williams has given us a prayer:
I’m here to experience liberation. I am not here to process everyone else’s needs or emotions. I’m not a slave to my emotions or anyone else’s.
I’m here for liberation.
I’m here to be awakened.
I am not here for my lower chakras to imprison me; for my mind or even my ego; for all my fears, all my shame, to bind me.
I’m here to liberate myself.
Today I feel safe. Today I feel whole. Today I don’t need courage; I just need love – love for myself, love for my beloved.
Fear is a part of my past and love is what I am.
Think of your prayers, of how you can rearrange – Dear God, or Dear Universal Mother, Father, God of light, Dear Lady of the Guadalupe, Dear Buddha: shed the skin, shed the beliefs that I’ve carried for centuries.
Set me free from the burdens which I’ve bestowed upon me.
I don’t need to be protected, as I am already.
Let me feel safe.
Let me feel in union every moment, every second, of this day.
Let my union be with God, not with others.
Let all my energy be turned inward and be focused on the core of my being.
Let my need to rescue, to save all mankind, or those whom I love…Let this false illusion of me needing to protect or save or take on the emotions of others…Let me really cut the umbilical cord to humanity so that I can really return to the core of my own being.
You cannot change another person’s life by taking on their feelings or their emotions. You cannot take on the burdens of another human being. You cannot even take on their guilt or their shame. You cannot even make the slightest difference. But I tell you when all these women marched who came together in their hearts, they created a change. Because change in this world is about love, not about processing other people’s emotions; not all this guilt or shame.
So I would find a prayer for when you first wake up in the morning. Find something that fully expresses you. I would find something like:
I lay myself at your feet dear God.
Let me truly be liberated and let me truly renounce all mankind at your feet.
May I truly give up all my fears and inadequacies.
May I truly live within the balance of your world.
May my need to take care of others or my need to feel inadequate or play small no longer serve me.
May I truly renounce all the guilt, all the shame, all the pain, all the fear I have innately inherited.
May my need to save others, my need to protect others, my need to be in control, be given up.
May I live in balance and may I live in harmony with You every moment, every second.
No matter what person comes to my door, may I truly never forsake my relationship with You so that I may remain in balance.
Find, in your own heart, when you wake up first thing in the morning: may I not become the pain of the world, but may I be the light, which I truly am. Because when you are not the pain of the world or not processing through your lower chakras, when you are the light of your being, you can find happiness.
So when you wake up in the morning, say to the universe: I am not here to be the pain of myself or the pain of the world, but I am here to live within the love of my own creation, my own being, my own light, my own soul.
This is very liberating.
This is an except from the Bart Smit Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat 2017
Bart Smit is a deep trance channeler offering private session by phone or in person in Toronto, Canada 416-690-2345, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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