Nov 22 2016

A prayer from Dr. Williams to Bart.. and to you.

  • I am in this universe to love well, to love completely, and to love without limitations. That’s your purpose.
  • I am here in this universe to love well, to love completely, to love deeply.
  • Allow my deepest inadequacies, my deepest fears, my deepest pains, my deepest anxieties to be cleansed by the presence of my soul so that I can truly stand from strength and courage.
  • May I have faith and compassion every day, every moment, of my life.
  • May the things that frighten me, things that scare me, things that are fearful, strengthen me, make me wiser, make me stronger, transcend me.
  • May I LOVE the qualities of my soul, my personality, my quirkiness, my humor, my laughter.
  • May I embrace all the peculiarities, all the laughter’s, all the moments of awkwardness, all the moments of innocence.
  • May the part of me that I have lost, return; and may the innocence of myself be restored.
  • May vulnerability be a strength, not a weakness.
  • May my open heart be a reflection of God.
  • May every moment of every day I believe that God loves me - that I’m well, that I’m whole, and that I’m complete.
  • I renounce, I bow, I give up my will, and allow the universe to show me the directions of my life.
  • May, in times where I do not know my path, may I have the ability to renounce and allow the direction of the universe to create balance within my life.
  • May I be healed emotionally, spiritually, financially, and allow all the shortcomings of my personality to become my strength.

    Dr Williams continually tells us to repeat: the universe knows where I am at all times – loves me, and supports me. 

    This short and longer prayers are gifts from Dr. Williams and Bart.

    The next Pathway to Consciousness event is Sunday, January 29, 2017

    The last Pathway to Consciousness event was fantastic and so actual; The awakening and rising of Atlantean’s and the freedom from slavery. For a small preview and for a full download of the lecture, go to the online store

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    • Comment Link Paul Fraser Paul Fraser Tuesday, 29 November 2016 15:25

      Thank you Bart for these gifts.
      All your writings are gifts of prayer. I especially resonant with the"Lighting Up" ... This brings the essence into one page that is my morning and evening prayer...and whenever I can in between.

      What I was saying before, Saturday night I experienced a dream in this Ashram looking place, and on one occasion you said to me that I needed to go to Greece to discover something...and on another occasion later, placed your hands on my shoulders and asked"What is your Prayer?" I didn't have an answer.

      Now I do, and as I let it transform me , I am very grateful for your sharing this powerful gift.

      Kindest regards,


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