Apr 14 2016

Intelligence of the heart - Light up!

It’s a very interesting time in history. Coming to the table with absolutely nothing is unimaginable for most of you. It does not mean coming to a meeting unprepared, it just means you don’t need to know the answer. You don’t need to know what is next. And you actually have nothing to say when somebody has just thrown up on you verbally - you have absolutely no comment.

Most of you have been processing energy and emotions for everybody in your life. And now, all of a sudden, the universe is saying: thank you so much for doing all of that; you are now fired! So, all of your neurotic behavior of sensing, feeling, taking care of, taking on and processing other people’s emotions, knowing what they need…all of a sudden you’re asking to come to the table with total silence. One part of your brain goes: are you kidding me? I have developed all these layers, senses, habits of taking care of and doing everything energetically, now you want me to give it all up? Like what kind of cruel joke is that? I spent 30 years trying to develop all these layers so that I am in control and now the energy’s changing.

There are different cycles in the world. There are times when we go through a lot of grief, other times we go through having to help a lot of people, and other times we feel, as the soul evolves, we have a layer of depression, of disconnecting. The more we evolve, the more depression we can feel - the more: what’s the purpose of my life? The more you evolve and the more part of our personality begins to die off, we don’t know what the purpose is everyday, we don’t see the point in lots of it. We feel we are so disconnected from so many different people, that we think there’s something wrong with us. In actuality, you’re burning off all this karma.

This is the time to give up all kinds of power. It doesn’t mean you don’t take responsibility in your life, it just means this is not about power. This is about an internal power, not an external power.

The universe has many different layers – it has 108 streams of energy. When the planet shifts in a particular manner, all of a sudden we can have two streams, three streams, 20 streams, and depending upon our day, if we’re not quite aligned with the universe, we can actually feel maybe one or two but we don’t feel quite right. It’s almost like we haven’t paid our electrical bill. The lights are not going on. Other times we really are falling into the silence like we’ve never done before. It’s almost like a new experience. The more silence we begin to experience, the more stress we begin to have in our lives unless we burn through that karmically. So imagine that you have been going to the gas station, and in the past somebody else would fill up your tank and that was always very disappointing, and now you begin to fill up your own gas tank. It’s a metaphor of your own life. And now you don’t need to go to the gas station, you just need to give up complete, absolute, full control.

The universe is opening up in a way it never really quite has before and it means that a part of you needs to know that you are God. There’s a great saying I repeat all the time: the universe knows who and where you are, loves you, and supports you at all times. It doesn’t say some times, it means, the universe loves you – every molecule that this whole universe is made out of knows where you are. You’re not lost, abandoned, or rejected. There is a difference between people and molecules. People are molecules, but all the atoms in this universe that God created – every fiber, dust particle, everything in this universe knows where you are.

In the past you would identify yourself with people projecting back to you, giving you a sense of your own identity. Which means, all the things you buy, the charges on your credit cards, your shopping sprees, your mother, father, brother, sister, and all the people you work with are reflections of you. How they relate, how they respond, you created that reflection. Every reflection is a part of your identity. You have been living in a world projecting your reflection back to you. Thousands of mirrors. Imagine everything around you, from your house, car, shoes, everything you own and have, every person in your life, the way they relate to you, is how you perceive yourself in the universe.

So, how do I get to a new paradigm? By folding all these mirrors (click, click, click, click) and collapsing them. How do I do that? Do I put a bag over my boss who’s a prick? Do I poison my husband waiting for the life insurance to come through? No. Punching your sister-in-law and telling her you never liked her doesn’t really work. You’ve found your voice and your personality and now you’re realizing that this is not really working because it keeps reengaging all these levels. So no matter how much I want my mother to disappear, she’s still a reflection. Do I need to re-collapse it with her or do I need to collapse all these parts within myself by coming to the table and expecting nothing?

As you evolve, you seek more solitude and alone time because you’re collapsing these mirrors. You understand you need time to assimilate. This is not about these other individuals. This is really about you and your relationship with the universe. They might still all behave exactly the same, but all your karma is completely gone. The universe knows where I am all the time, it means I am completely connected to every atom in the world. Every atom, every molecule, everything that represents God, I’m connected with.

Does that mean that I no longer need people; I’m healed and no longer abandoned? Am I now ready to feel that connection with the universe because karmically I’m done needing the projection with other people? WOW! HELLO! That’s massive! You’re telling me that all the people you once knew, you no longer need their approval because you are now whole and complete. The universe knows where I am at all times. I’m connected to every molecule and I am pure energy. The universe supports me. My wellness is when I merge completely into the atoms of the universe and I become pure energy. If I become pure energy then it doesn’t matter if I get this job. Could I trust something I soooo do not know?

This is where it gets beautiful. The Dalai Lama is made out of trillions of molecules, of atoms. The guy driving the bus, who’s really unhappy, might have 100K. How could one person only have 100K atoms or molecules or light or little candles inside of him? Imagine that this bus driver only has 100K candles, but he’s still pretty much in the darkness. And the Dalai Lama has a trillion little candles that light his path. There is a new space in the galaxy that is allowing you every minute to light a new candle. Imagine that you are made out of trillions of light bulbs, trillions of atoms, and most of these atoms are in the dark. Imagine that there’s now a new energy that you don’t need to project and inter-react with all the people in your life to work out your issues of rejection, abandonment, and love, but you just need to follow complete silence. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. You don’t know if you’ve got a job or not. But imagine that between now and then you can light a thousand streams of light.

We’re talking about intelligence of the heart. Imagine that the heart can experience feeling, it can also feel, experience, and process light. When I’m worried about going to that job interview, I experience nothing because I’m over-processing through the mind, but if I feeeel the light of my heart – imagine that there are little candles that I’m lighting – I don’t know if I’m going to get that opportunity, but I’m going to totally surrender to that moment. Every moment that I feel another kchew!, another release of my heart, I’ve lit another candle. The heart has the ability to experience all the atoms and the molecules of the universe in a way that it’s never been able to do. And the only thing that is required is for you to come to the table with complete silence, complete trust. The universe knows where I am, loves me, and supports me at all times. When I trust the unknown, do not know what is next, feeeel through my heart…every time I feel, another stream of fiber optics, another candle, just got lit within me. When we feel, we not only become light, as in weight, but we also become luminous.


The next public appearance of Bart Smit and Dr. Williams is May 1, 2016 at the Pathway to Consciousness event in Toronto. 

This blog is an excerpt of the Pathway of Consciousness event in January 2016

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  • Comment Link Dana Wood Dana Wood Thursday, 26 May 2016 02:23

    I just found your blog and this article last night, and THEN I had a dream you and I were in a library and you gave me your business card. Strange! :)
    Back to the article; you say "In the past you would identify yourself with people projecting back to you, giving you a sense of your own identity." >>Lately I'm finding those that were loving towards me in the past are becoming more hostile, and those that were distant are suddenly more connected and open with me....is this a way of my heart experiencing everything in the universe?

  • Comment Link Petra Toorn Petra Toorn Sunday, 17 April 2016 10:42

    My heart says: Thank you so much for this incredible message Bart and Dr. Williams., I am aligned with this deep inside, yes . While reading my heart is leaping up there is a lot of recognition. At my desk I've laying the words: The Universe knows you, loves you and supports you. Quite some time ago I wrote it down but the last time I saw it again, it took my attention. I feel the silence and trust getting much stronger, not being afraid about the uncertain future. It is such a release to tune in what is coming. Of course there are still dark moments but knowing that also these are experiences to grow.
    Love and light and gratefulness

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