Feb 13 2015

My soul never has a bad day; it is always in union with God

If I were to say to you - courage - what does that actually mean to you? There is psychological or intellectual courage; but courage really, truly, derives from a quality of the soul. It is a virtue of the soul. We look at courage as an intellectual experience. When we bypass the personality and truly surrender, the one thing we count on - which is our intellect, intelligence, decision-making, judgment - and we put that aside, we allow the soul. The soul runs OVER with courage. That’s all the soul knows. The soul does not say - gee, you know, I’m really scared, or I’m really afraid or constipated emotionally. Courage is a natural state of the soul. The mind is very uncomfortable with uncertainty, but the soul loves it. So imagine that! We are more comfortable being in control and the soul is quite the opposite. The soul says let’s see what interpretation today brings. When we have courage and we permit uncertainty to exist, Consciousness is born. Every day, in all of your uncertainty, there’s Consciousness.

Fear is a hindrance of the mind. Feeeelllling, feeling is a quality of the soul. Courage is a quality of the soul. When we have all these emotions that are just chemical peptides in our brain, that is purely, purely, purely an intellectual experience. Feeling is a soul-felt experience. So, when we feeelll our way, we have the courage to be uncertain. And every day might be a little bit different.

There is so much uncertainty in the world at this point. The universe says we are going to go through change. How you deal with that change depends on how amazing you’re going to create your future. What I’m asking every individual to look at is - what have you not experienced that you don’t know could be good for you? How do you know what is good for you if you’ve never experienced it?

What would happen if you would be ok with feeling uncertain and feeling excited about the uncertainty because you know something is going to materialize and get created out of the unknown? When you feel deeply vulnerable for the first time, that is a new feeling and you need to say, I embrace this new experience. How often do you acknowledge a state of Consciousness, a state of wellness, a state of Being?

When you experience intimacy for the first time, you are close to your own soul, your own Being. Every time you are in a void where you do not know where the next step is, but you are clearly, truly, in a place of courage and clarity, say - I embrace this experience. And even though the unknown is greater in that moment, say - I‘m going to allow Consciousness, this feeling of I don’t know where I’m going to go, where I’m going to be, what’s going to happen next, I don’t know the outcome, but I embrace it. Now I’m beginning to feel this synergy, this energy. Consciousness is in silent moments. It’s when you are not in charge. It’s when we feel our way through.

If you have learned to love well or deeply, I need you to really find those moments where you really, truly, naturally, organically are in a place where you can feel that sincere, true authenticity of pure love moving through you even just for a moment in your life and truly embrace that.

Liberation is letting go of the identity of your personality. In order for human beings to change, there’s always chaos. We are very much at an eclipse of many possibilities and change. In order to move to the next platform, there’s a new pathway where we can create greater awareness, happiness, choices, opportunities, and to move where the abundance of love, money, everything else can come more easily, more genuinely. It’s good you know where you’re going, but what is more important at this stage right now is how to create feeling supported in your evolution, journey, path. Become as kind and loving and sincere within your own being and the world you’re in as you can.

It’s about your reflection in the universe, not about projecting out into the world. It is a great spiritual virtue to forgive, renounce, and let go. When you can say I feel an unbelievable amount of peace, and every time you can acknowledge this moment of tranquility, silence, and presence say - these are the qualities of my soul.  

When you can display your strengths without transference, guilt, anger, or disappointment and just stand in your power without feeling ashamed, guilty, or bad and say wow! my soul has the ability to protect me; my soul is unbelievably strong, and acknowledge that, or you can draw a line in the sand and say this is toxic, not right, I’ve got to let it go. I need to cleanse out. This is not what I need in my life. When you have the courage to say this is too much drama, distraction, or interference and do it without judgment, that’s the truth of your soul.

In the next eight months, don’t focus on selling your business, or divorcing your husband, or any other issue - don’t let the story of that become your identity. The world and how we create it is different. If I see that my business is no longer a part of my path, it will sell. If I see my marriage as just finishing my karma, then I want to create closure with great respect and love.

When you do a presentation, stand in the moment and feel totally solid, and go - WOW! I can feel the universe moving through me and this is the truest sense of who I am in this moment - that is who you are. That is the quality of your soul. You need to keep in touch with the qualities of your spirit and not the identity and personality of your ego. If you have been deeply hurt and betrayed, it’s not who you are! It’s only a chemical, it’s not your reality. Your soul is totally fine. Your head might not be. And the chemicals in the brain that are telling your body that you are completely feeling like shit and doomed – it’s not true. It’s an illusion. It’s not your identity. The reason you get to the point that your wife, husband, these things escalate is because you’re no longer connected to the universe. If you said every day: the universe knows who I am and the universe knows where I am, would that make a difference in your feeling connected? 

In order to originally create, we were all a part of the tribe, one big family. Now, you’re becoming very, very, very, very, very comfortable being alone. The more time you have, the more time you have to process. You enjoy your silence, your freedom. You realize that you need time to process things, and that means being alone. It means you are relying less on the ideology of the brain and perception of the tribe. The more you move into your own presence, your own self, the bigger the shit comes to the surface, the more you smell, the more you feel uncomfortable, the more you burn. We can have anxiety, fear, PTSD, disappointment, failure, but is this your opportunity to burn through it? And you end up having a really divine connection between yourself and God. Are you actually burning off your need of approval and need to be loved by everybody else? Are you now more connected to the universe and your soul? Know that if you are connected to it, you can create, sell, forgive, create closure, love, have intimacy, transparency, vulnerability, but you cannot be connected to your tribe. You need to be connected to the universe.

My soul and I are connected to the universe. My soul loves uncertainty. My soul has a strength that my personality doesn’t. My soul can forgive where my ego cannot. My soul can love beyond the ability of my ego. My soul has the ability of transparency and vulnerability and is comfortable with transformation and transcendence, my ego is not. How do I forgive if my soul isn’t in the driving seat? My ego doesn’t have the strength that the quality of my soul has. My soul is compassionate; it can say no, it can tell you the truth, where my ego might not. My soul is self-preserving, deeply nurturing, compassionate, empathetic, and caring; it loves unconditionally; the cup is always full. My soul never has a bad day; it is always in union with God. My soul is never disappointed and never angry. My soul is pure Consciousness, ever connecting, ever pulsating with the universe.

I need you to feel, feel, feel, feel, feel, feel the presence of your soul. Your body is made out of trillions of atoms and in every space between all those atoms lies Consciousness. And all that Consciousness connects to the entire universe. Your soul isn’t separate; your soul is the universe. Your soul is not sitting in this moment, your soul is there and there and there and there. Your souls are like the atoms of the universe. You and the atoms in your body and the universe are one big cluster of Consciousness. You’re not in one spot, you’re everywhere.

My soul has the strength to forgive, my ego doesn’t. The soul can transcend and transform everything; the ego cannot to the same degree. The more you can find the characteristics of your soul, and these fragments, flavors, and spices and you can recognize them and say Wow! this moment, this feeling, is phenomenal. I have become one with my soul. And if I’m one with my soul, I’m one with the whole universe. And if I’m one with the whole universe, it will sell my business, or I can forgive or let go. Your Being is trillions of atoms. All that space in you is Consciousness. When you feel your way through your experiences, the more you can feel or pay attention…it isn’t about what your head is telling you, or what’s directly in front of you, it’s what you need to feel that you’re not hearing, seeing, hearing, or tasting.

Excerpt from the Akasha's Den event in November 2014

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