Jun 20 2012

23 questions to ask Bart Smit/Dr. Williams that will empower you in your business or workplace.

  1. What is my life purpose and how can I best fulfill this through my work/career/professional life?
  2. Given my soul’s purpose, what would the perfect career/job look like for me?
  3. What qualities do I need to bring forward in my workplace to be successful?
  • What is my soul learning through my work/career path? What else do I need to learn at this time?
  • What areas of my career/work do I need to focus on to achieve my professional goals?
  • Am I on track in terms of my career? Is there anything I need to know at this time?
  • What do I need to do to further my career goals?
  • What is my experience in my professional life teaching me?
  • What aspects of myself do I need to develop to strengthen my leadership capacity?
  • What obstacles are preventing me from moving forward in my career (or business)?
  • How can I improve my relationships at work?
  • How can I strengthen my relationships with my colleagues?
  • How I can I develop a more effective professional communication strategy?
  • Are there any issues related to communication or power struggles that I should be aware of in my workplace/business?
  • How can I communicate more effectively with my team (or my manager or my followers)?
  • Are there any workplace dynamics that are undermining my success?
  • Are there any individuals in my workplace who are sabotaging me?
  • I work with the following individuals…..Who can I most trust in my workplace?
  • I am experiencing a conflict in my workplace (Describe). What am I contributing to this conflict? What are others contributing? What action might I take to move forward in positive ways in this situation?
  • What connections do I need to make to excel in my career/profession/organizational role?
  • How can I be of service through my work?
  • How can I best grow my business?
  • How can I best leverage myself (education, strengths, skills, role) to move into more senior roles in my organization?
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