Jul 25 2017

Get Drunk on Life!

When Bart and Dr. Williams spoke at Akasha’s Den in June, Bart closed the evening with this beautiful prayer. Here he shares it with all of you.

I am not the limitations of my heart.
I am not the limitations of my mind.
My heart has not even risen to the greatest potential. And I am ready to dive into the greatest part of me until I am drunk. Drunk on God. Drunk on life. And drunk on the possibilities that I have not discovered within myself.

My weakness is going to become my strength.
My vulnerability is going to be my insight about who I am.
I can be angry. I can be happy. I can have all the dualities, but I only choose the light; I do not choose darkness.
Every day in every moment I breathe in the endless possibilities of my own liberations. I am here to be liberated. It is my journey to be liberated.
It is my journey to be full of light, full of love, and be truly liberated.
Whatever pain, whatever story, wherever I’ve come from, whatever incarnations that I’ve been a part of, wherever my journey has led me, I now free myself from all these stories; all these experiences, because they were just experiences. They don’t define who I am. What does define me is my relationship with my heart and with God. And all the other stories of my mind or the dictation of this life that has brought me, does not define me. What defines me is the potential of my heart and how my heart relates, responds, and behaves to all things.
I choose for my heart to truly present me in all circumstances of life, not sometimes, but all the time. But I need to trust my heart to find the right time, the right moment, and the right timing and not the timing of my ego. But my heart will speak the truth; speak the name of the greatest good of my life and my journey as this is my greatest potential, my greatest gift, the purpose of my incarnation.

The next public event with Bart Smit is an evening of chanting and meditation at the Akasha's Den in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Saturday, August 19, 2017 . At the same location September 9, 2017, Bart Smit is channeling Dr. Williams for a surprise evening. 

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