Apr 18 2017

Trump and the January 2017 Women's March - The currency of Freedom!

You know it’s going to be loud and noisy. But it’s all right; it’s what needs to happen.

Women are extraordinary when it comes to change. Are women uniting humanity? Absolutely. Women are the ones who give birth to children. They create the next generation. That many women who demonstrated without someone like Trump stopping it or trying to do a curfew – for that to have happened is extraordinary. That demonstration is the beginning of the wave that will create change in the world.

Imagine there are reptilian races all fighting for power. Do I think this is a good thing? Absolutely. Kill each other. Knock yourselves out. Let the world wake up to recognizing that this kind of behavior that has existed for centuries….Donald Trump and someone like Hitler – there is no difference. They’re exactly the same. One had the ability to kill people and the other is in the process of creating chaos. He is using the same methodology of creating fear. Exactly what Hitler did. But the world didn’t stop Hitler.

So, do I think this is a massive opportunity for Consciousness to rise? Absolutely.  When you listen to someone like Trump and what he does, if you have great faith in the universe, he will last one day less. The more you judge him, the more you observe and absorb, process, and have an opinion, the longer he stays in power.

Why does your boss at work have power? Because you gave him power. Why does anybody have power? Because you gave it to them. So, people rise to power because you say: oh my goodness, I’m supposed to listen to Donald Trump…the more the world stops paying attention, the more the universe goes – Baby! Love. There’s something bigger. The moment you believe that there’s a greater power, a greater purpose for all of this, the less he will be in office. That’s what this is about.

We don’t focus on Donald Trump, we focus on YOUR awakening. When you become pure light and currency and you affect the next person and the next person, he comes out of power. It’s about YOUR awakening. It’s all the Atlanteans who are rising and awakening.

Imagine this is all a currency war. I’m talking about currency of the heart. And currency in here and currency out here are the same thing. The more you can have currency in here, the richer and happier you become. It’s all currency – of love, compassion, empathy. But if you look at what’s happening out here, it’s a currency war.

What happened with all those people on that huge walk – they were not afraid. Their brains lit up differently. They were not coming together in anger or hatred; they came in love; love that echoed through every currency of the universe. And it is THIS that creates transformation.

All those women having their demonstration, that was the largest percent of Atlanteans gathered at one time. Not everyone, but the majority who traveled were all Atlantean women. They are healers. They heal pain. They don’t buy into pain. They HEAL pain. Atlantean women don’t buy into anger; they transcend it. Atlantean women don’t buy into fear; they heal. They don’t buy into what’s in front of them. They see the desperation. We don’t buy into desperation, we rise above it.

This is a currency war, but also a war between reptiles. All the reptiles are going after each other, where before they all went after YOU. Now they’re going after each other. For where we are: AMEN! HALLELJUAH! Knock each other out and let all these Atlantean men and women LET THEM RISE and create the change so these types of reptiles will NEVER be in power again. HUGE!!! HUGE!!! HUGE!!!! This has NEVER been possible in 2K years. All of this is currency, currency of love and energy; the currency of FREEDOM!

This blog is an excerpt from the Pathway to Consciousness event in January 2017. The next Pathway to Consciousness event will be in Toronto in the Fall 2017. Bart Smit's next public event scheduled will be at the Akasha's Den June 3, 2017. Bart will be channeling Dr. Williams.

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