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Oct 19 2016

Your lack of happiness is there to be burned off. See it as a blessing. FEEL LOVE

Everybody, obviously, creates their path: we’re going to get married, have children, responsibility…. We set all these things in motion which creates a sense of security and wellness. We want to buy a house, a car, we do all these things because they create a part of our personality and a sense of security. These are all very basic, logical things to do. But then, you still don’t have a relationship with God.

A relationship with God is really about your relationship with the universe. When I speak about God, I mainly speak about Consciousness vs. some dude on a cross. God is Consciousness. God is all the atoms in this universe.

Most of the time we feel quite isolated. The biggest goal of this journey is to move beyond incarnating with all your brothers, sisters, aunts, and everybody you’ve ever met. It’s really getting to the point where karmically we don’t need to reincarnate.

Eventually, when you evolve, grow up and move on, you realize that your sister-in-law, boss, jobs, none of these things are really significant. They actually lose their power. You can say: my ex-husband is a bit of a pain in the butt, but, he’s not that interesting, and that is because karmically you’ve detached. You get to a point that you’ve been able to let go and be free in this world.

If your boss is a narcissist, you are here just to move beyond the narcissism. If your boss lies, cheats, you go: AMEN SISTER! I see the light! Because, energetically, you couldn’t move beyond that even four months ago. You don’t need to like anybody, you just need to love everybody. Seriously, if you think that Jesus liked everybody? E-R-R-R-R-R-R-R! NOT!

Your lack of happiness is there to be burned off. See it as a blessing. If you’re not sure about your job, LOVE the opportunity that is going to come around the corner. And that sounds very fake, but if you allow every fiber of that job to soak into your being, you can never rise beyond it.

Gratitude, love, compassion, empathy, and all these amazing qualities can now lift you and bring you where you want to go. But you need to create every brick of gratitude, every brick of faith. If you are in a job that is deeply unhappy, then every moment say: there are endless possibilities that I haven’t even tapped into and there’s only one small part of my brain that has created this shitty job. I’m so much more than one part of the molecules of my brain. And if I think this is all I am, then I am not realizing that I am 99% so much more, but I’m only concentrating on one part of my brain that has gotten me stuck like a record, a grove.

I am grateful because my boss is an unhappy guy. And I’m here to learn that no matter how happy or unhappy he is, I am so in my center, I am so happy within my own universe. It doesn’t matter what he thinks or feels because I am so much in my own zone that I know I am going to create a different path, a different outcome, because I can feel the other parts of my being that are in the process of creating this.

The only way you can build your own internal universe is by saying: LOVE allows my soul, my entire being, to listen to empathy, compassion, but LOVE is the only thing that catches my heart’s attention. The ONLY thing that enters into my being unconditionally, without any filter, is love. And when love comes my way, I will recognize it with trumpets, but everything else cannot, cannot, cannot have such power.

We want Consciousness, we want God, we want to be loved. And when it’s in front of you, I’m not sure you really know how to assimilate it because you’re ready for war or to be disappointed – it’s really simple: love’s the only thing that bypasses anything else.

EVERYBODY is there to offend you. And when they offend you, disappoint or hurt you, you go: it’s my test to overcome this. AMEN! HALLELUJAH! And you say to your sister: Hallelujah! Thank you for being so miserable. Thank you sooooo much. I love you. Your misery I adore.

What happens if for all these people you are a beacon of light? What happens if you’re concentrating on all this shit and all these people, events, and experiences, and what you totally forget is that you are this bright light and this bundle of love? What you thought was that you needed to help, change, rescue, fix, agree with them, or put up with their nastiness, anger, or disappointment – what happens if it’s not about ANY of that? What happens if you’re here to overcome all of that to begin with, but what happens if YOU can only create another universe if you can just really FEEL love for everything? You give unconditionally. You love unconditionally. Everything returns to you unconditionally. 

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