Life is a composition of intersections at which we have to make critical personal and professional decisions.  Unfortunately, the direction forward and the path that supports our continued growth, success and happiness is not always clear. During these periods of uncertainty, it is natural to become frustrated, indecisive and sometimes lost. The primary cause for this uncertainty is a misalignment between who we are, our purpose in life and our actions. Bart Smit will help you navigate through these personal and professional turning points by connecting you to your emotional higher self, realigning you with your purpose, and freeing you to access your feelings and intuition.  You will again see the direction forward with clarity, insight and purpose.

For twenty-eight years CEOs, professionals and individuals from around the world have met with Dr. Williams monthly for guidance in navigating markets and the economy. His deep understanding of corporate culture and business dynamics provides valuable input for career and strategic decisions. 

Benefits for the Individual Executive

Bart Smit will help you to develop:

  • Clarity and insight to effectively understand and navigate corporate challenges
  • Profound understanding of workplace and market dynamics
  • Strategies to effectively address and manage career and life demands
  • Skills to survive, thrive and be more successful professionally and personally
  • Clarity of purpose and intention to help manifest effective action and results
  • Mindful competition in which you balance collaboration, connectedness and cooperation
  • Understanding the need for change and accepting it into your life
  • Deep listening abilities that facilitates profound understanding and relieves confusion and uncertainty
  • Spiritually-based business practices where individuals can be authentic, real and achieve optimum success
  • Work/life/business/community/environment balance

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