With great compassion, courage and conviction, Bart opens his heart to embrace Greatness. He shares openly of his spiritual experiences which offer a perspective many have not thought possible. He is a unique soul that can go beyond the mundane to bring what is real into focus.

The spiritual teachings of Bart Smit embrace ancient Eastern philosophies and yogic texts. Many of these record the experiences of people who have gone into the inner realms and come to Self-realization. They include the accounts of poet-saints who tell of their meditation journeys, describing the highest possible state of human consciousness and how to attain it. These writings include Yogic scriptures such as Kashmir Shaivism, Vedanta, and the Upanishads. They remind us where we have come from and provide a map for our journey, illuminating the path to liberation.

Bart’s teaching integrates ancient Eastern and contemporary Western wisdom to speak to the modern world. 

Examples include the following:

•    consciousness and subtle consciousness
•    the physiological and spiritual aspects of Kundalini awakening
•    the purification and transformation of each of the chakras
•    the types of karma, the burning of karma, and the path of liberation
•    ego, duality, and the veil of illusion
•    understanding the Soul’s natural movements and aspects
•    psychology (the mind and human behaviour)
•    philosophy (Who am I really?)
•    neuroscience and how the brain is wired
•    quantum physics and the nature of reality

Bart’s teachings are full of life-changing information and wisdom tempered with a wonderful sense of humor that convey his message on many levels. From these teachings Bart provides the tools for living more fully in the present.

He emphasizes that we must change our consciousness to change our life. He reminds us that we are not our minds or our peptides! Our emotions are the re to identify and give colour to what we are experiencing, but instead, we become attached to them. Bart’s teachings help us to become aware of the subtle inner realms so that we begin to recognize the majesty of our meditations; then we begin to recognize our own inner states. It is natural that the ego is continuously trying to distract us from meditation by judging meditation or looking for a “Hollywood experience”. This cheats us from experiencing the fruits of our meditation.

As students who partake in Bart’s classes and retreats, we are exposed to the subtle energy of Consciousness unfolding and invited to build the bridge from the mind to the heart. Bart’s teachings not only invite, but also assist us to build that bridge. The passion he has developed inspires a shift in those who seek to grow in awareness and the power that is innately theirs.

In these sessions people can come together in one heart and one intention. Bart is a master at guiding seekers toward their Inner Self. It is as though he holds open a door that we may walk through. These are the experiences that draw people to the retreat. Meditation is the doorway to the heart and soul.

“Knowledge liberates us and leads us to Consciousness.”
Dr. Williams

There are many techniques meant to lead us to God, but meditation is the one most recognized by the saints and sages, because only in meditation can we see the Inner Self directly. That Being is our innermost Consciousness, and to have a direct experience of it we must turn within. Bart teaches that we cannot attain the Self simply by doing good actions or performing rituals. We attain the Self only through direct knowledge, which makes us one with God. Many mediators become frustrated when their meditations do not evolve or deepen. It is not the purpose of meditation to wander aimlessly. Bart tells us a purpose for meditation is essential. We do not meditate only to relax a little and experience some peace. We meditate to unfold our inner Being. 

Bart leads silent meditations, guided meditations, and visualizations. Through these forms he offers the possibility of experiences that transcend everyday meditation. When one sits with a large group and a guide who knows the way, meditation can be greatly enhanced.  

Bart does not present a meditation technique, but rather establishes an atmosphere where meditation can take place. It is not so much a matter of method as of knowledge and understanding. When we focus our attention inward, meditation happens quite naturally. The mind is considered not as a barrier, but rather as a portion of universal Consciousness with a tendency to congeal into thoughts or images. Bart patiently assists seekers to find the witness beyond thoughts and emotions. 

When the outer senses are withdrawn, the posture is aligned, and the body supported, the mind becomes still like the surface of a calm lake. When the breathing is allowed to become quiet and ultimately to become single, prana or life force flows, and the heart is experienced as the one indivisible sky of Consciousness, beyond the body and senses, accessed through the crown chakra. The mind is seated in the heart and we recognize the complete oneness of our individual Self and the Divine. 

“One does not attain the Self, as the Self is already attained. The highest goal in life is to become one with the Self, and it is only through meditation that we can have a direct experience of the Inner Self.”
Dr. Williams


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