"If you would have witnessed todays session with Dr. Williams personally you would have been touched by the never ending flow of wisdom and love. I have never ever listened to anything so enlightening and pure before." Volker

Dr. Williams is a spiritual entity brought forward through deep trance channelling. He is Bart’s spiritual twin and oversoul. He is pure consciousness and pure LOVE. He offers a new perspective and reminds us of possibilities as he teaches the nature of reality and the natural laws of the universe. These teachings impact our choices and decisions about our life.

Dr. Williams does not seek approval or recognition, but has dedicated himself to the evolution of humanity. He does not consider himself a guru. He asserts that the purpose of human birth and the goal of all of life is to merge into the Absolute. The aim of his journey is to end suffering and lead us to an understanding of our own divinity and greatest potential by answering our personal questions about our lives.

In his own words, he “breaks down complexity into simplicity and brings a person from a state of doing into one of Being, offering constructive guidance for our personal development.”

He brings peace and empowerment without judgment, allowing us to reach our highest personal potential and destiny. He brings the knowledge that liberates the seeker, assisting us to lead productive and integrated lives.

Dr. Williams does not follow any particular dogma. He is always in union with the Inner Self. He has risen above body consciousness and duality and roams free like a child throughout the universe. He speaks from states of complete Self-awareness, and spiritual presence flows through his words. Occasionally one may notice remnants of accents from previous lifetimes. He inspires us to open our minds and hearts to the extraordinary creative energy that permeates our lives.

Dr. Williams enriches people’s lives, irrespective of the stage of their journey. All kinds of individuals who have made a deep commitment to their own development sit with Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams says: "You are spiritual beings having emotional experiences instead of spiritual beings having spiritual experiences."

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