An alternative source of clarity, purpose, direction, and guidance in your life from Bart Smit deep trance channeling Dr. Williams.

Bart Smit has a rare gift wherein the spirit of Dr. Williams is permitted to come forward while Bart is in a deep state of trance. Bart is the only channel for the spirit of Dr. Williams. Bart and Dr. Williams are of the same light, yet they are distinct and separate personalities with different mannerisms, accents, and vocabularies which have evolved over their twenty-five year partnership.

Dr. Williams is a nonphysical entity; he is pure consciousness and pure LOVE. Dr. Williams is not limited by the boundaries of human consciousness, human psyche or the human ego. It is this that makes him a unique, inspiring and powerful guide. 

There are many different types of channelers. One thing that distinguishes Dr. Williams is that he assists people who are looking for liberation. Each individual’s life circumstances are unique. He assists us to go beyond the small self and gives us valuable tools for personal transformation. He helps us to think outside the box.Dr. Williams draws from topics that include spiritual psychotherapy and the philosophy of the great yogis in addition to quantum physics, metaphysics, neuroscience, parapsychology and the nature of reality, all inter-connected to broaden our limited perspectives and assist us to move forward in our lives.

As human beings we are creatures of habit. We repeat behaviours. We want change but we do not know how to create it. Part of our nature is to grow and evolve; it is also our nature to allow the ego to hinder evolution. What distinguishes thechanneling of Dr. Williams is that he assists us to discern between fundamental false ideologies about ourselves and our true nature.

When you seek answers from Dr. Williams, it is with the acknowledgement that there is no greater power than the Inner Self within each individual. Dr. Williams’ channeling assists us to become that Inner Self.

Dr. Williams enters Bart’s physical body for one hour and the trance is so deep that the channeler is not consciously aware of the interaction between the spirit of Dr. Williams and the client. Dr. Williams analyzes future possibilities but he is not a psychic, fortune-teller, or mind reader.

Under the Clients' Moments of Gratitude, you will find letters from clients that show you how Bart and Dr. Williams have helped them.

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