Grounded divine bliss and inner intoxication - Laurie

Dear Bart,

I thank you from the depths of my soul for the glorious retreat in Mexico this year.  I am just grateful to have the spiritual merit to be there.  To smell roses from nowhere is deeply intoxicating...........only a great being can create an environment where such a mystical experience can happen.  I know that you teach what you are the most authentic, humanitarian, committed and brilliant person I know. I am left with a renewed commitment to my daily meditation practice.  It is at the top of the list again for how else can I sustain the feeling of grounded divine bliss and inner intoxication I felt for a week?  My prayer is that anyone and everyone who has the slightest interest in going to the retreat follow that impulse!  That none of us let the ego dictate our choices...........the ego which would keep us from such a divine, uplifting and transformative week..........this is important work for humanity and I am deeply touched to be a part of it!

Eternal love, gratitude and respect,