My contact with God was renewed - Bea

Hi Bart,

thanks for these nice photo's, I didn't notice they were made. After a good retreat, relaxed week with my husband and a nice evening in very good atmosphere with you and your Puerta Vallarta"family", I'm home again. I look back at the retreat as a very good experience, the meditation sessions were very intense for me. I felt most of the time complete peace, had the feeling that my contact with God was renewed. This was special for me and made me happy, thank you! I liked your teachings about the dance of hart and soul, they gave me new insights which I want to integrate into my life and work. Every time when I entered the meditation hall and stood before Niktanada's (?) photo, I felt the energy coming from him, another fine experience. I was happy with the contacts with the other group members, regret however that all of you live so far away.... I would like to see more of you and the coming chanting sessions, I really enjoyed the chanting very much. I'll ask Laurey for the CD. We tried to contact Memo for Michel, but I think he escaped all the tourists.. It didn't work. I hope this week was a good experience for you too, guess it was... Hope you had a good trip back to Canada. Please say Hi to Pascal and my friends in Canada... I hope to see you healthy and well in September, the bike will be waiting for you...
take care, love, Bea