It inspires a deep self-respect - Merrill

Dear Bart – Thank you for creating such an amazing retreat! I found this 3rd retreat to be a particularly powerful experience. The combination of your teachings, the meditations and the wonderful participants created an energy that I think few of us experience in our day-to-day lives.

 For me it revealed a doorway to the inner self that I sensed was there, but could not clearly see or know how to open. It’s very powerful to see yourself in a divine way as you truly are – if only for a few moments. It inspires a deep self-respect.
Bart, I would also like to thank you personally. I have been inspired by what you have achieved as I have attended your workshops and sessions over the past few years. As I tell others – you are one of the real artists who are doing the work, not just an art critic who only talks about what others have done. This holds great credibility for me.
I also enjoy your humour and special gift for helping me put things in perspective. We all have our “stuff,” but I’m learning it’s the emotion we churn up around it that keeps us tied to it. Enough of that!
Thanks again Bart. With love and gratitude. –Merrill