Salutations to the Truth! - Carol Moore, MFT

Dear Bart,

What a wonder filled retreat! I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks for offering this retreat again this year. It always amazes me that it could feel even more powerful than the last retreat. 
The room was lovely. The music was extraordinary. The meditations perfect. The Seva staff completely supportive. The teachings go well beyond what is usually taught in other retreats. I feel very full and privileged to be a part of such a retreat.
Of course the most extraordinary thing about the retreat is you and the potent yet safe way in which you bring forward the information so that participants can open and expand their awareness. Your focus and clarity allow everyone to understand even the most subtle teachings. You take such subjects as quantum physics, neuroscience, ancient scriptures (Vedic and Upanishads), the limbic system and the reptilian brain and integrate all this information so that participants can clearly understand the nature of reality. Mixing all of this information with your own embodied experiences and compassion is a powerful force for creating awareness and developing consciousness.
As you have said, this is a time when there is a shift in human awareness that encompasses the planet. The world as it appears to us now is largely a reflection of the egoic mind. What is being born now is a new consciousness and it starts with each one of us. You bring forward such grace and compassion that it allows us each to delve deeply into our own inner self. I especially appreciated it when Dr. Williams reminded us that, “Our lamp is lit, darkness may cast upon you, but we can sort our way through this.”
I also would have to say that the participants that were drawn to attend this retreat were very amazing themselves—from the youngest (only 18) to the oldest (over 60)! People of all ages were filled with enthusiasm as their longing to find meaning, clarity and purpose was met. It was refreshing to see that people who have had classes with Bart or sessions with Dr. Williams could see Bart now in a whole new light. They began to capture the magnitude of his gifts and understood that a retreat is different than a class. Perhaps they found a depth of Bart that they had not realized before. This enabled to whole group to explore new dimensions within themselves.
Thank you for having the courage to share with others your life journey, your experiences and how you have integrated them into your life. I watched as people ‘got it’ and sank into their hearts to also dare to go beyond the mind and the ego—to have a felt sense of their inner Self or inner awareness--the consciousness that they are. Salutations to the Truth!
Love and Blessings --Carol Moore, MFT