A rare gift mastered by few - Florine Phillips-Gravitis

I’ve learned to live my life by the moments I’ve had. 

The 2008 retreat with Bart was definitely one of those moments that I will cherish.

The difficulty with explaining this experience is finding the words to describe what I’ve been left with.

I’ve gone to Bart’s courses and have been a client of his and Dr. Williams for many many years now and frankly couldn’t begin to imagine what more they could offer me.    Being a student of my life’s journey has introduced me to many teachers/masters, all of them wise and gifted.  Each having their own piece of my life puzzle.  What Bart offered was the culmination for me of the broader perspective with the opportunity to experience this.  His knowledge of how the mind works with the physical and energetic body has surpassed any teachings I have experienced in my life.  His ability to clearly explain in detail the nuances of how our structure relates to itself brings new meaning to understanding what reality is for me. 

For the first time in many years I have been able to, with Bart’s steadfast understanding of holding the energy, experience the Kundalini moving in my body with all its magnificence, ,without fear of it being out of control.   This is a rare gift mastered by few.   

Bart offers the participants the opportunity to go deep into their being and experience the light in their heart which again is such a rare gift.  He has the knowledge and ability to invoke such a willingness by the participants to “want to go there”, that creates such a driving force of love that anyone who sits in this energy can’t help but be moved by its radiance. 

I have been blessed with this radiance and am eternally grateful for the opportunity that this has given me.  I am forever changed. 

Thank you once again Bart for your tireless effort and commitment.  It is very much appreciated.  And I will be back next year. 

Florine Phillips-Gravitis