You are a rare teacher on this planet - Laurie

Dear Bart,

I know of no other space and no other spiritual teacher who can weave teachings about consciousness (from personal direct experience) with a deep understanding of the brain, psychology and the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta. You are a rare teacher on this planet. While I want to shout out to the world so they find you, I know that only rare and exceptional human beings will attend these retreats. Each year, the bar has been raised and this year you and your participants entered the ocean of consciousness repeatedly and deeply. Being in that energy is the highest bliss.  What makes your retreats unimaginably valuable to me is that there is always a sustained gift that I experience in my life after.  

I have returned home with a continuous, deeper peace than before. My mind simply cannot dwell for long on anything but the pulsation of the inner Self. I'm simply no longer interested in the games of the ego, such as guilt. In the heightened awareness of the retreat, I actually witnessed my ego scanning for ways to make me feel bad about myself. There is a sense of constant alignment and my meditations are much deeper.

I know the gifts will continue to reveal themselves as I continue to learn to sustain this energy.   

With a heart filled to overflowing with gratitude and wonder for the gift that you are,