I've found this wonderful teacher in my life - S. Eaton

Hello Bart,

What did I get out of the retreat, or what has it brought me.  Last year I had a transformation, this year, I think I just had growth.  I went into levels of myself, I never knew I had.  When I got back,  I went grocery shopping and had to control the weeping for the sheer joy of being able to pick the food, I was going to feed myself and my family and yes a week later and I still have this intense gratitude, a month later, and it's still there.  I make eye contact when I'm out and about and you know I don't think people can help themselves, they've got to smile back.  When you're smiling on the inside, it shines all the way through.

Have you ever had a day, that you reflect on and realize that it was a total blissful, joyful, balanced day where YOU felt completely beautiful inside and out?  It wasn't a perfect day, things still happened, traffic still jammed, but you felt yourself just respond to things not react. That's the day I had today.  Many people never have one of those days in a lifetime or even know they can exist.  I know this one wasn't my last one and even if it was, I got one, what a blessing.  I feel more like spirit, like my edges are softening like melting butter, but stronger inside.  "Your heart must be, Strong as a thunder bolt and soft as butter".  Believe it or not, you can really feel that about yourself.  A very wise Shaman told me, "Every day is perfect, Susan, it's exactly as it should be.  It's not always pain free or fun, but perfect for it's your life's journey."  I greet, each perfect day with gratitude, knowing it will be perfect for me.

Learning of the ego and our emotions, that our "feelings", "emotions" are only to give our experience the colour, to help us identify what we are experiencing.  When you can pull that out of the hat when "life happens" and doesn't feel very Perfect at that moment!!!  It really helps make you become "the witness" and not get wrapped up in the crap and allows you to grab onto the imperfection, because that's where the lesson is.  When we stop learning, we die.  I am so blessed, I learn everyday.

For those visiting Bart's website and checking stuff out, let me first tell you, I'm just like you.  I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, I work, I have to try and figure out how to pay all the bills, get groceries and do laundry.  My boys are boys, they scrape their knees, they cry, they yell and they play.  What maybe makes me a little different, I've found this wonderful teacher in my life.  We connected exactly when we should.  I signed up for the course, exactly when I should.  I have no desire for a vacation, but this retreat is an annual event and it's as essential to my well being as brushing my teeth everyday.  To me, Meditation is our moral obligation to Spirit for having this human experience.

Thank you, Bart for letting me share with a part of your journey and thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher in mine.


S. Eaton