From my heart to your heart - Marlaina Groulx

HI Bart:

Just back to work on Wednesday.  Which I was not looking forward to, because of all the turmoil and tension. The Meditation Intensive over the last 3 years has helped me immensely Bart. I want to take this time to thank you with all my heart.  And here is why:

The first year before the course started, you had us watch the movie, "What the bleep do you know".  It was on the cellular memory and the peptides and how we might react or over react to different situations. This helped me to understand the course, making it much easier for me in Puerto Vallarta. Also because you wanted us to go into the Ocean each day, to help us release stuff that would come up in the meditations and the course. Your sister-in -law noticed a few of us seemed to be afraid to go into the Ocean. Which we were because of past memories. Lise took her time, to show us how to release the old cellular memories and ever since I have been able to have water on my face in the shower. Which till then I had not been able to do, let alone go into the ocean with out major fear. I am still able to get water on my face without going into a panic. I spent the next year doing releasing on all kinds of issues with your help Bart and Dr. William's help. Dr Williams would give me the right words, to release all the old emotions stored in the cellular memory in the body.

The second year in Puerto Vallarta was incredible for me. Because of what had happened to me all my life, I had closed my heart down shut tight. That year we were doing deep meditations and learning about our charkas and what they did. Once again with the help of the chiropractor in Puerto Vallarta, Dr. Guillermo Navarro. Who helped me understand something's about forgiveness and releasing around people. Plus the meditations in the course that week, I was finally able to open my heart up, in the Seal of the Soul Meditation.  Which has freed up my life amazingly.

Then now the third year in Puerto Vallarta, working on the Ego and the pain body.  Boy do I know the pain body. Bart this was the most expansive thing to happen for me. This time at the Meditative Intensive with both Dr.Guillermo Navarro helping me with 2 major problems and he explained that most of it was anger that I was holding on to for some reason. I had been seeing doctors in Toronto for months and years, on these issues with no satisfaction from the doctors here in Toronto. Oh the pain body. And now having the pain body explained so well by you and how to release the old issues and just what we could say that might help us get out of that rut. Especially as our pain body comes from our Ego and it could be coming from past generations, this generation, friends, relatives, work etc.  I also feel that having you walk us threw the meditations this time was very helpful. I know that next year I will be totally out of pain and will be working on not taking any more pain on.

I thank you so much Bart for all that you have done to help me over the years as well as Dr. Williams. I am at a loss for words to thank you both. From my heart to your heart I thank you and send you much love, light and many blessings.

Marlaina Groulx

PS looking forward to next year already