'observing' vs the 'absorbing' - Linda

Dear Bart,

Thank you for the opportunity to spend six splendid days with a wonderful group of individuals in such a beautiful corner of the world. I had been eagerly looking forward to your 2008 Intensive for the whole year. This 3rd Intensive incorporated so many thoughtful considerations and presented the teachings, research and discussions in a fine balance. You and your team were amazing, and all of the attention to detail was much appreciated by all! 

I returned home and to the workplace somewhat disoriented roulette with being away for so many weeks prior to the Intensive.  I was surprised to find myself  responding somewhat differently - of  'observing' vs the 'absorbing' which you and Dr. Williams had talked about.  Every few days I have noticed some subtle changes or variations, as I catch myself seeing or interpreting my world through a different lens.  I am not sure where this journey or exploration will take me over the next year; however, I came away with much to consider. 

Within this greater awareness (consciousness?) comes greater opportunities for choice, greater understanding of how our emotions, perceptions and ego influence how we experience our world, as well as insights as to how all of our lives and experiences are connected.

I have marked the 2009 Intensive on my calendar and look forward to the continuation of this journey. Thank you for bringing together this terrific group of individuals to share this special time with. 

We are all truly blessed!

Linda   :)