Each of us, at some level, knows we are God - Linda

Dear Bart & Dr. Williams:  THANK YOU!!! For sharing your life and giving your time.  The retreat was far beyond what I expected.  I appreciated the lecture information coming from the scientific viewpoint as well as the spiritual.  The information was taught with great insight as well as with humour and "humanness".  I love you both with all my heart.

I am very fond of Mexico and the Mexican people.  I have spent a fair bit of time in Mexico but I think I appreciate the energy in Puerto Vallarta maybe more than anywhere else in the country.

It is difficult for me to find adequate words to express how special it was sharing this experience with my dear son Harrison.  The experience was kicked off by us entering our lovely accommodation and seeing two whales playing in the ocean! WOW!

The retreat gave me new insight - reawakened me.  When the emotions and pain body raise their heads I am able to see them for what they are. The same with the ego.  I am not saying I can ignore them but I am aware they are not me.  

I so enjoyed all the folks I met.  I loved the uniqueness of each one. I loved the great variety of interests and pursuits.  Each had the common denominator - LOVE.  Everyone was always made to feel welcomed, whether it was for chats, happy hour, and getting together for dinner.  

Each of us, at some level, knows we are God.

Till we meet again

Beloved Amigos