Wonderful life changing week - Karen

Well I am finally getting to writing to thank you for an amazing week in PV Mexico.  The week was filled with an endless sequence of events that left my head (and body) reeling in the end.  I knew that the week would hold a number of 1sts for me, but I had no idea what they would be. Well, I was not disappointed!!!!  I was faced with a number of different fears, old emotional wounds and new ones that all seemed to want to be dealt with during this one week.  I really had my work cut out for me. I moved through times of great releases, tears and pure joy and bliss. I would never have dreamed that one person could deal with so much in 6 days.  Because of all of this I was unsure as to how I would be when I got home.  I was so looking forward to seeing my family again.  I really missed them and felt such love for each and every one of them.  Plus I knew from a phone call from home on the Friday morning that I was going home to great tragedy and sadness.

I have been home two weeks now as off and on I would stop and wonder if the week actually had any lasting effects for me.  My greatest concern before going was that I was going to go all this way (and spend all of this money) and then not use any of what I may learn when I got home. This was a realistic concern as it follows a past pattern I had put into place.  I had also been in contact with a couple of people who had also been on the intensive and they had commented on how different they felt and that others had even commented on them being different.  Well, I had not had any of this type of feedback, so were my fears being realized?

The answer to that is NO!  I know realized that without the work that I had done for myself through the meditations and kundalini yoga I would never have been able to have handled the situation at home as well as I did.  I know that I was able to be centered, compassionate, loving and focused when my family really needed me.  Having a greater understanding of how the brain works and my (and my family's) normal way of responding to situations really gave me an opportunity to work through everything without fear.  In addition, I had met people at the intensive that I have now called upon to help my family to heal.  Had I not gone, I may not have thought of these individuals.  In the past they were names I knew, but now they are faces and voices I know and feel comfortable

I know that things have forever changed for me.  I had this confirmed when I was talking with Dr. Williams last week.  I mentioned that I was meditating the previous day and that a question came to me to ask him while I was there.  This was the first time that I had mentioned meditation to Dr. Williams where he didn't tell me I would continue to meditate.  Consistently over the years he has always said I would never do it.  I guess he saw a change in me.  That in itself was worth all the turmoil!  

I am just finishing reading a book written by White Eagle called "Spiritual Unfoldment" and it is putting together all of the teachings I have been fortunate to have had from my three greatest teachers - Dr.Williams, Manyhorses and of course yourself.

Thank you for a truly wonderful life changing week.  The beauty, professionalism, and truth behind every moment is truly appreciated.

I am looking forward to being with everyone again next year.

Many Blessings,