A true gift from God - Marion

This year's meditation retreat in Puerto Vallarta was more profound than I could possibly have imagined.

I had the good fortune to attend the initial retreat presented by Bart last year, and as a result knew that untold treasures awaited all those fortunate to attend.  Even so, I was unprepared for the overwhelming awareness of love, joy, and oneness that permeated our entire week in April.

I arrived with a sense of anticipation and left absolutely aware that I was touched by Grace - the grace of the gifts Bart and Dr. Williams gave so freely, clearly and lovingly; the grace of being able to listen and to share with others, and the grace of knowing I am part of the love of God.

It has taken me some time to assimilate my experiences, which ranged from subtle to intense. The exposure to Bart's knowledge, understanding and humour for five days was quite simply ... enlightening.  We prepared ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  We dhooped, chanted, gave thanks and prayers in order to fill the halls with a constant loving and peaceful energy to make them a sacred and safe place where Bart's teachings would be received by all not only on a mental level, but at the all-important spiritual level. Our voices and hearts soared as we chanted led by the accomplished musicians.  Our meditations allowed our minds to free-fall and our hearts to be opened.  Our breaks between each teaching and activity were often taken together as we stood watching and listening to the ocean and feeling the warmth of a loving family; and sometimes taken alone letting the ocean breezes sweep over us as we each pondered our most recent experience - secure in the knowledge that we were safe and loved as never before.

I was utterly touched by the love that poured forth from Bart, Dr. Williams, Carol, our wonderful musicians and singers, our devoted sevites, our unobtrusive photographer and all the attendees.

On leaving Puerto Vallarta I had a sense of looking at the Earth in the ocean of the heavens and seeing it floating right there in front of me, knowing I was part of it  -  just as a blue pearl in the ocean of my heart, surrounded by wonder and love.  I was overwhelmed.

Truly this retreat was a given to each of us with love, lovingly welcomed, lovingly shared and lovingly absorbed - a true gift from God.