Increasing levels of fullness, wholeness... - my

Bart, I thank you from my wholing and healing heart for your love, friendship and Grace in my life -- for the blessings that you share with your clients, and particularly with the participants in the Meditation Intensives. I am truly blessed to have your friendship.

I've been doubly blessed to have attended both intensives you've taught in P.V. -- the differences in myself, and my experiences, in each of these intensives has been profound, at a deep and personal level.  
Thank you for the opportunity, and privilege, of coming to the awareness that "I am extraordinary". I can express this without explanation or excusing myself!  That, in itself, is extraordinary.
I am blessed with the personal awareness that I am, and have, forgiven myself for years' of self-sabotage and fears -- that I do, indeed, have self-love, self-esteem and self-respect. I am, in Truth, extraordinary -- and, that's more than okay :).
My heart overflows with love and gratitude to you for your dedication to your own growth, which translates into great Grace and opportunity for myself, particularly, to step outside my fears and prior limitations, to have the courage to truly engage my life into increasing levels of fullness, feel complete in my own Beingness. You lead, wondrously, by your own quiet example!
I am already anticipating with great delight the next meditation intensive in P.V. in 2008 -- without a doubt, the experiences will be different again, joyous, unfolding and so many ways.
Be well!  Much love, LT
From my heart, my