Powerful week - Mary-Margaret

Good evening to you Bart!!

A few of my thoughts -
It is not until some tempering of time is completed can an appropriate assessment of the deeply formative Kundalini Intensive be approached.  So here, a very short while later, are a few observations:
As the morning mists are enfolded by the Sun, so also is knowledge absorbed into the timelessness of Being.  
Shakti meets Shiva.
As metal is forged in heat and tempered into strength as it cools, so knowledge is forged through experience and tempered into wisdom as it becomes one with the Knower.
As each piece of the puzzle finds its place through due course of time, so the picture becomes complete.
God is.
I would also offer the thought that the experience of swimming with the dolphins following the Intensive literally released a joy and laughter and a lightness of being which I truly feel helped to anchor indelibly the effect of the week's deepest teachings and meditations.
These, among many others are the thoughts which were prompted by the teachings of the Kundalini Intensive.  There is little beyond gratitude, and thank you for the growth engendered during this powerful week, that I can say.
Love and laughter to you