I feel renewed spiritually - Sharon Purcell

In March 2007, I signed up for a channeling event with the clear intention to find a connection to lift me out of what I was experiencing in my life. I had a clear sense of myself being the architect of my existence and this intention to be lifted came from a place of power, not from a need to be rescued.

Sure enough, the Kundalini yoga teacher, Linda Racicot, from Bart’s Puerto Vallarta meditation retreat was seated directly in front of me at the event; so in front of me in fact that she actually couldn’t look at me without getting a sore neck. Two seats over was a woman I had never met, who became my hotel mate. Instantly, when Linda showed us the retreat brochure, we both said we wanted to go and would share a room. It’s easy to allow these spontaneous moments. They are free after all. This spontaneous decision lasted until my non-refundable flight was booked. And then when I started adding up the costs. Wow! I so wanted to back out. This spontaneous decision turned out to be quite expensive!!  And now that I have had the experience, I wouldn’t change my choice for double my money back!
My first night at the retreat brought back memories of my guru days in the 70’s. I felt confused and overwhelmed. People were hugging and being very friendly and I was not open to any of it. What happened next caught me quite off guard. Bart approached me, gave me a hug and a quick synopsis of what he saw in me. I’ve been to a lot of retreats and seminars. There were I think more than 50 people present. It is rare to be so seen. Something in my heart was stirred by that moment, like a sleepy lion being awakened by a single drop of rain.  

The next morning, I was refreshed. The week that followed was beyond fantastic. I loved Kundalini yoga, I loved chanting and my meditations were surprisingly natural. The location was beautiful. The ocean sang me to sleep at night and coaxed me awake in the morning. My fellow retreat participants became new friends. The teachings were inspiring and informative although more than I could absorb. I would really like the full written material to be made available.  

During one of the final days of chanting, suddenly I could no longer sing. Suspended and enveloped by an unknown yet so familiar force, I began to experience an exalted choir calling my divine self to emerge. This experience was beyond words. The next day, arriving late, I sat to meditate outside the door and in a moment of realization, recognized how desperately I wanted to get into the inner circle and how that coveting drove much of my behavior. In that moment, I dropped deeply into myself and accepted the possibility that sitting outside the door would be all I may experience in this lifetime and experienced a rich sense of acceptance and gratitude for being able to sit by the door. To all those who were inside the room meditating, I give my heartfelt thanks for your dedication to your spiritual journey. Throughout the workshop, there were so many opportunities to gain insights, share insights, relax and get to know our selves and each other.

Bringing the garland of special moments back home, daily miracles show me the profound truth of spiritual practice. Where love had been denied before, love began to flow. My own heart feels more familiar with this quality and I am recognizing it more in the hearts around me. I don’t like pedestals, so from a place of sheer simple honesty, I must say that Bart demonstrated love and sincerity in a way that influenced my being. While there was a religious flavour at the retreat that does not feel comfortable to me, I felt no pressure to do anything I did not feel comfortable with. The overall experience gave me exactly what I wanted. I felt seen and safe.

I feel renewed spiritually and although I have not maintained a steady practice since I’ve been home, the peace and perspective I gained at the retreat seem to be staying with me. I have been told that I am glowing. When I first arrived home, I felt so connected to something wonderful, and as that diminishes, I know where it is and how to return. All sense of hopelessness has been replaced with gratitude. I don’t think there is anything that can replace the experience of meditating with others and I have more and more opportunities to do that through more connections with like-minded people. I even met someone who lives in the next block and we now meditate together regularly. Abundance has begun to flow and there is a good chance I will be back next year.

Thank you to all the people who worked diligently to create a loving space and thank you to all the wonderful people who shared the experience with me.

Sharon Purcell