Everything shines a little brighter - Donna

Hi Bart

I want to express my full and heartfelt gratitude for the container you provided for the Kundalini Intensive in Puerto Vallarta. It was an absolutely amazing week set by your intention, diligent preparation, research, teachings, wisdom, and your incredible focus on beauty and detail which called in the presence of the Divine.
I understand what it takes to 'carry' a group and so I have a deep appreciation for your gifts. Walter Russell once said 'You can command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her'. The success of the week and the and the depth of my personal journey there speak to the high level of your integrity. I know I will be growing and changing for months to come from the experiences I had in Mexico with the group. Everything shines a little brighter around me now that I am back. The world seems to be spinning around me way too fast but I feel separate from its chaos and only observing the beauty. People have noticed that I am different and I feel more available and receptive.
You asked us to write and share some of our experiences. My most profound realization occurred mid-week when we were chanting. The chant being sung in response was a call and answer. As the lead group offered the chant and we responded the music became sweeter and sweeter. I had the sensation of lands caressing my face while the chant was being sung to me. It felt like God was saying I love you directly into my eyes, demanding my presence and my attention. The entire call and answer became the exchange of vows between two lovers; Shakti and Shiva. I became aware of how much love and presence I was putting into my chant; how easily I pour out my love and my voice but how lost I became in the reception of the chant sung to me. My attention would divert, I would be thinking of how well, or how poorly I did singing the last verse, etc. How hard it was; active work to be present and just receive from the universe. Perfect metaphor for my life. My commitment is to work to be as open and loving to receive the love and joy that is all around me as freely and as easily as I give it.
My deepest meditation found Shiva as a snake dancing up my spine only to come face to face, hypnotically holding my gaze. I prepared myself to be bitten but was surprised when she unhinged her jaw and swallowed my whole being. I saw through her eyes and became the universe. My prayer for myself is the gentle integration of this powerful week into my daily life and Seva.
With deep love