"Just be" - Linda

Dear Bart,

Thank you again for going to such extraordinary lengths in your detailed organization and planning for your amazing Intensive Retreat in Puerto Vallarta this past April. 
At the very minimum, I was expecting a mini vacation, time away by myself, of sun, sand, Mexican culture, combined with a bit of Yoga and perhaps, potential for personal growth!
In reality, what I experienced was a most unique opportunity to spend time on my own, yet to be surrounded and embraced by a wonderful, gentle, group of welcoming ‘explorers’ moving forward with you and your expanding plans for all of us!
Puerto Vallarta, the Buganvilias Hotel, the wonderful Mexican people, and the town itself, provided a most beautiful setting for this retreat. Within a few hours of arrival at this unique mecca of beauty, of high energies, of warmth and sun, I was able to quickly distance myself from all roles and responsibilities, where time seemed to stand still, where I could ‘just be’.
Throughout the Intensive, individuals grouped and regrouped, continually providing support and companionship, yet one could be alone and private in contemplation, without interference. Any reservations I may have had about the amount of time scheduled for yoga and the meditations quickly dissipated. The activities and your expectations of each day, the combination of Kundalini yoga, meditation, your stimulating lectures, and the open ended mid-day, offered a wonderful balance. With the structured blocks of time, the days were full, yet there was opportunity to share, to grow, to enjoy the beauty of the sun, the water, the vibrant lush colours, or for personal thoughts. 
In the final lectures, you stated that in integrating the concepts presented and through our own reflections, upon returning home, we would be looking at our lives through a different lens. While I am sure that each individual had experienced this Intensive in their own unique and meaningful way, you were right - there are differences, subtle, yet powerful! I also find that there are recurring moments in each day where I pause regularly and can recapture the peace experienced at the Intensive and am refreshed. 
Thank you for all of your gifts, for the opportunities to intensely experience beauty in this part of the world, for the wonderful comradery and new insights. Even though many weeks have passed, when I close my eyes, I continue to hear the resonance of your powerful voice chanting Om Namah Shivaya to the tamboura, echoing in my heart.