Was this all magic.. piece of art..grace? - Eva

Hi Bart,

It's been almost two months from the intensive in PV and the positive momentum I gained is still with me! It was such an incredible experience. 

Perfect balminess of PV, gentle weather, friendly people with big hearts, fantastic colours of the ocean (unseen neon green right after the sunset), dinner on the beach at La Palapa, talking with Ann-Marie and waiting with Melody on the beach, late dinner at the hotel under the fireworks of Mexican fiesta, red wine blessed by priests, constant sound of the waves combined with the sound of tambora, Hilary's words, your smile, one special antidote, turning lotus-flower, Robert with a red flower behind his ear, Scott's good-buy hug, warmth of the ocean during morning swim - these were some of the very many special personal moments. 

And all this was just on top of the wonderfully hearth-opening and life-changing insights that I gained from the meditation, yoga, chanting and the lectures. Still keep revisiting my notes that brings back the richness of the teachings and the feeling of connectedness that put back the smile on my face right away.

Was this all magic.. piece of art..grace?
Million-quantum thank yous.