What it meant to be 'spiritual' - Maya

'Spirituality is wonderfully self-serving' is the first thing which comes to mind that I discovered for myself from this retreat... and thereupon, of course, one can affect and help others. I was uncertain what is meant to be "spiritual", connected to God, or your "inner self". I was under the impression that it required some form of sacrifice, of things we often deem to be life's 'pleasures', but realized that its the opposite - its about feeling euphoric and fulfilled. Much that was being taught was new to me, one thing, for instance - I learned was the benefits and reasons for implementing practices such as meditation into daily routine; since I never understood it before, I thought it was there to torture, punish and bore me to death, and then, if I was lucky enough, I might wash away some karma and sins :-) I tried to learn what it meant to be 'spiritual' before but, it never worked out; being relatively practical, following blindly doesn't work for me (contradictory, but it's exactly what I was doing until I became more aware/conscious of myself - (I was introduced to information I didn't know that I didn't know!!!), I, usually, need to understand and make sense out of things and have many questions - what I was lacking for this process was the right guidance, education and awareness and for this I dearly thank Bart --his kindness, understanding, non-judgment, compassion, commitment and

sincerity is unparalleled !