So much happened - Marlaina Groulx

Hi Bart,

First let me thank you for the whole week in Puerto Vallarta, so much happened both in the Meditative Intensive and the free times including lunch breaks would have 10/15 of us standing out side Dr Navarro Guillermo's office, waiting his arrival. As the Kundalini Yoga with Linda Racicot having never exercised before, really helped me get in tune with my body and what needed adjustments in order to do some of them. That was where it was so great to have such a gifted man who was a Chiropractor and helped a lot of us. Linda's yoga also helped me get into a deeper state in the Meditations. Have ordered from Linda the CD's and yoga book so I can be getting up to speed for next year.
While working on releasing the emotions on issues that have been almost the whole family over the generations. It will be stopping here. I thank you for helping us understand on a level that, we all felt it in our hearts and you made it so easy for us to follow, just how this has been happening over the many, many years and how we can release all this pain and fear.
The one thing that I would love to thank you for was on Tuesday you had us go into our hearts in this meditation. For years because of circumstances I had closed my heart down tight. I thought it was open fully it was not, which has been holding me back from going forward, While in the meditation my heart finally opened wide, wide and wider then the universe, and I thank you and John for helping my with this moment.
I feel very much like a different person, since back I have been dealing with some issues that I was blocked on before going. Looking for the antidote on a few things I am clearing. Will be seeing you May 10th. and we can check it out the antidotes then please.
Just to let you know I am still putting my face into the water in the shower. Many blessings go out to Lise Desrosiers for helping me around the water issues. Bart I am already looking forward to next year, just waiting dates and I will be booking the two weeks again. Sending you out much love, light and blessings, see you soon. Marlaina PS some of us will be getting together, maybe once a month to move forward, next year comes around to fast.
Marlaina Groulx