We belong! - Christine

Sometime ago in the last year, Dr. Williams had informed me about "sitting my intentions for the day". So I applied this to the whole week before I arrived. He had also instructed me (about 1 year ago) on how to remove negative (childhood) neuron-nets and had given me a positive progress report awhile ago.

I was aware of some deeper issues that I was unable to resolve with this technique or alone, and asked that they be resolved during the Intensive. This was to be my blessing.
Each day the morning meditation allowed me awareness of my issue and occasionally the opportunity to release deep grief and sadness. The following teachings gave me clarity and understanding and sometimes the technique and guidance to allow the process to come into my full conscious mind and to be transformed in the afternoon meditation.
There was one day when I was not sure I would be able to manage alone and spoke to Hillary who was both understanding and compassionate and would be ready for me in the afternoon if I needed her. Through the power of the meditation, my agony was transformed. I trusted the process.
This process of yoga, breathing and preparation, then meditation followed by teachings worked very well for me and allowed me to quickly feel comfortable and safe and to trust in the process. All that I needed was being provided.
The afternoon session with Dr. Williams was also very enlightening and provided much clarity and a deeper bonding and understanding of our individual and collective purposes. He allowed me to understand why the topics of abandonment/separation, the destructive power of anger and the use of mapping and genealogy had been chosen for this group. 
I felt truly grateful; already being aware of these topics which I believed allowed me to keep up and to go deeper with my own work. 
Understanding the collectiveness of our presence here, which initially seemed to be just a unique opportunity, was dispelled as we learned of our Atlantian existence, the uniqu3endess of our gifts, the reasons for our pain, suffering, grief and abandonment, etc., all became clearer and understandable. It would appear to be a rite of passage that brought us to the Intensive, and provided us with a unique bonding and a collective purpose and instruction and encouragement to move forward. This was the most incredible realization. We belong!
We have a purpose, a purpose to serve the greater good of all. Simply Dr. Williams provided the clarity and the permission. Permission we did not know we needed. Permission we now have consciously.
The Intensive gave me great peace and resolve as it provided the structure in the time, place and space in which to do the work; the education, tools, skills, and incites to continue our work; the safety and security and knowledge and clarity to allow our work to continue more deeply; and the encouragement and permission to move forward with clarity and passion. A true blessing! Thank you.
Thank you Bart and will you please thank Dr. Williams for me as well.