Science and spirituality - Susanne

Dear Bart,

It has taken me some time to absorb and feel the impact of the Meditation Intensive in April and I am now at a place where I can articulate and share this experience.

For a long time I discounted science because the universal truths beyond what can be observed with the five senses were generally discounted by scientists. Science, however, with quantum physics, different methods of measuring finer energies and different ways of defining the universe, is starting to catch up.

It was with special appreciation that I listened to your research on neuron nets and and the functioning of the brain and how it relates to consciousness and spirituality. Finally! - a connection between science and spirituality, and the fact that there are physical effects. Thank you for the enormous research you did and for distilling the essence into something very understandable, and for the interactive exercises to demonstrate and reinforce what we were learning.

I also appreciated the effort that went into the structure of the intensive, and the preparation that took several months, from the hotel rates, to all the local information we needed to know, organizing dinners and all the details that were taken care of before we got there. Having never been to Mexico, it made it easy and safe to have all the details before hand.

My personal experience from the meditation was a wonderful opening of my heart chakra, and some major clearing of old karmic patterns. Entering into the unified field of consciousness with the group was truly special and so powerful together.

Coming back home was difficult to be away from everyone, and I slipped back into old habits and depression for a little while. Now, I am finding that things are becoming very clear in my everyday dealings at work and home. I am more assured and confident and connected. The incredible connections made in Puerto Vallarta have continued as ever blossoming treasured friendships at home. 

And finally, thank you Bart for always being yourself, for your uncompromising integrity, honesty, for sharing yourself, for your example to us (and your wicked sense of humour!). Over the years that I have known you and attend your workshops, your teaching has become more powerful and clear, and is truly a special gift to help all of us reach our goal of unity and oneness. Thank you for being you! A special thank you also to Dr. Williams for his love and guidance. 

So all the laughter and tears, the comradrie and connections, the profoundness and contemplations, was wonderful and fun!! 

With great love and respect always,