"Outside the box" - Laurie

Dear Bart,

It is now only two months after the retreat and I am in a completely different place. It feels like a different reality. In this reality there is even more joy, forward momentum, connection and enthusiasm. Gone are the deeply subconscious layers of guilt and shame. The amazing thing is that I can't even feel those energies in my body anymore. I also have noticed I have less fear in general. 
I thank you for embarking on this next phase of your work in the world - as meditation and spiritual teacher. Your fresh and inspiring teachings about the brain, meditation, and living an "unplugged" life which is "outside the box", have made a huge and wonderful impact in my life and all those my life touches. 
I know that I will be recommending your 2007 retreat to many people, including family, friends and clients. One more aside- I had so much fun!! I loved Puerto Vallarta, it's people (open hearted and soft), the ocean, the whole scene!
with great blessings and great love,