Transformative - Judy


I want to thank you many, many times over for the FABULOUS Intensive in Puerto Vallarta. After first hearing about the Intensive last spring, I knew I had to be there. But whatever I’d thought might happen didn’t hold a candle to the experiences I came away with! And there were so many of them, beginning with the camaraderie of the group which was amazing – we learned together, sunbathed together, and ate together. 
As I sit here transcribing notes from Puerto Vallarta, I’m struck again and again by how transformative the entire Intensive was. Your teachings during the Intensive were amazing! After 15 years of meditating, it was inspiring to learn new ways that helped enhance my meditations from the very first day. In the core teachings you married the philosophies of Kashmir Shavism and other ancient eastern philosophies, which I’ve been studying for several years, with quantum physics and the unified field. What an achievement that you were able to explain those two very complex subjects in such a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand manner. As only a great teacher can do, you broke them down into the basics and showed us ways to apply them to our own lives. One of the reasons your teaching was so superb was because of your great sharings and the way you illustrated them. You often chose examples from your own life, relating them in a light-hearted, humorous way which helped us to absorb and learn the lessons much more easily. When teachings are presented with humor, the audience experiences learning on a collective level. I came away knowing that since you used those tools to change your own life, I can too. You gave me ways to effortlessly put the teachings into daily practice, enhancing my life in the areas that need it. Participating in the smaller break-out groups also helped to work through and solidify the tools you presented for change and growth. 
We were also privileged to be joined by Dr. Williams one afternoon. Since I don’t live near Toronto, I’ve never been able to attend any of the classes you and he teach together, so it was a treat for me to see him in a group setting. In answer to questions from the audience, he provided some in-depth insights into the topics we were discussing. His usual great sense of humor added to the light-hearted teaching tone you’d set.
Many people had very profound experiences during the Intensive, often during meditation. Some people saw the Virgin of Guadalupe, the saint whose beautiful cathedral adorns Puerto Vallarta. And one lady, who’d never seen or heard of him before the Intensive, even saw the great Indian saint Swami Muktananda sitting in an empty chair in front of her!
One of the more interesting parts of the Intensive concerned the fire alarms that we set off more often than not when we sat for meditation. Not only did you teach about quantum physics and the unified field of Consciousness, but we actually experienced the results of directly entering that field every time the alarms went off. However the third day, the models of reality you taught about manifested in a more profound way. That day our meditation blew out all the power in the hotel! What was even more astonishing was that our CD of the Tamboura continued to play its melody throughout the power outage, only ending when we came out of meditation. That in itself showed just how powerful our meditations were and how amazing it was that the whole group stayed in that unified field of reality throughout the entire meditation! What was even funnier was that the only electrical panel to fix the power in the hotel was in our room! I certainly have never had any meditations that powerful before – talk about Entering into the Ocean of Consciousness!
All in all, being in the sun and warmth and by the water was spectacular in itself, but Puerto Vallarta is also a very special place of peace and tranquillity. I’m already looking forward to next year’s Intensive. 
Blessings, Love, and Joy,