Collective consciousness - Carol Moore

Dear Bart,

I would like to extend many blessings to you for teaching the deeply moving and transformative meditation intensive in Puerto Vallarta. The awareness and sensitivity to detail in the preparation for the intensive was evident in the documents that everyone received prior to arrival. I can see how everyone felt so incredibly comfortable and safe the moment we arrived at the Sheraton hotel due to your efforts to include all details.

You are right that you attract some of the most amazing clients. What a wonderful group of individuals you brought together. It is apparent how loved you are and how you were able to take this love and within one hour you broke down age, gender, social position, and any awkwardness and lead every person to be connected at a heart level with one another. Your amazing ability to take our love and trust in you, and transformed it into love for our self and each other was transformative.Your integrity is quite apparent and always has been. After more than 15 years of knowing you, I feel I can say this with authority. You set the standard of integrity for the week and every individual embraced each other with great respect and integrity. What a privilege it was to be a part of such an authentic experience. 
You took it upon yourself to teach about a very challenging and immense body of knowledge and made it all sound so simple. To discuss the interconnection of quantum physics and spirituality while at the same time helping each individual to experience deep states of meditation and revelation is a gift few could offer. It is only because you are a person who has experienced a deep spiritual understanding yourself that you are able to help others find this for themselves. I compliment and applaud you for the ease and simplicity with which you are able to express the most complex of information.

To experience as a group, collective consciousness, or the unified field, is an astonishing and an auspicious experience. In addition, it was remarkable to experience the power outage at the hotel while we were meditating. That they had to come to our room to correct it, certainly made it clear where the source was and the power of the unified field/consciousness. The power in our room stayed on as we listened to the sounds of the Tamboura while the rest of the hotel had none.
Carol Moore

 pv 2006