"The origin of all feeling of love" video comment

Dear Bart, from my deepest part of my heart I thank you for giving me the possibility to watch end listen to the talk from Dr. Williams over Karma. So much happened while listening inside. Tears of gratitude, recognition of old patterns still there but also deep happiness in me and love for this life. I also had the feeling that my heart or soul (I do not know as I do not know a lot about the mystery of it) was leaping up. Yes and yet I received a new shot of strength to even go deeper to examine the reactions, the emotions. words etc. What a great lesson filled with love, compassion and wisdom from the source. Knowing that Meditation not only for my own benefit but for the Whole is so important. Yet I let it go for some while here living on Curacao. Do not know why. Let my ego/mind over rolling. Ok it is what it is and I change now. Starting again right now. I am so fortunately to know you and Dr. Williams.

Again and again thank you so much. Om Namah Shivaya

In love and gratitude Petra 

comment from video "The origin of all feeling is love"