"Thank you" "Thank you" "Thank you"

Hi Bart,

I would like to extend to you and Dr. Williams my sincere gratitude for all that i have received as a result of the fantastic retreat this year.  When i was on my way there my mind was saying "Is it possible to get anything more from these retreats? " as i had already received so much in the past. "Well Hello" :) This one blew my mind.

I have been on the healing path for many years, i am presently 56 and never could imaging that so much healing could happen in such a short time. You and Dr. Williams brought me to a new level. There were many parts of my childhood that i could remember the story but never felt the pain and embraced the inner child. You opened up that doorway for me to connect to a seventeen year old wounded young man who's spirit was so impoverished and wounded,isolated and longing to be embraced, healed him and brought him back to me. For the past five weeks i have been finding many aspects of my wounded child all over my life as far back as a three year old abandoned and forgotten.  I cried many tears and allowed the Divine energies to heal every aspect of me bringing them all into my being and embracing fully who i am. I am presently in a complete state of silent bliss and my heart is overflowing with gratitude for all i have received.

Bart, you are a precious gift to this world. I have met many great teachers along the way but you my friend are the icing on the cake. The space you create always feels so sacred. As i was walking up the driveway to the Villa i could feel the magnificent energy we were all about to walk into. I cant imaging the amount of work that went into preparing everything and the amount of helpers involved to create such a wholesome energy. I felt completely supported, safe, and loved in abundance throughout the entire retreat. What more could anyone ask for.

Then to top it all off you trow a magnificent party which the credit goes to Pacsal for, and of course your wonderful family and all who helped. The food was spectacular, music, dance and of course the final closing was all a great gift.

I feel completely blessed to be a part of this great family. I thank you and DR. Williams with all my heart and soul and all the great souls that had a hand in making this all possible.

With love and gratitude!