Canadian Yogi - Julia

Not sure if you remember me, I came to see Dr. Williams in August last year and attended your meditation classes in the subsequent months. I am currently living in India in an ashram learning how to teach yoga and will be attending a Vipassana on the 22nd of March. I was going to go work in a hospital in Delhi but once immersed in the culture of Consciousness, I felt that 6 weeks was not long enough to scrape the crap of my soul and rewire my brain. I am truly grateful for your presence in my life that catapulted my transformation and your encouragement when I was having trouble breaking down my unhealthy ego and facing a new kind of living.

I am sad that I cannot attend your retreat, but my journey here at the moment has been an incredible journey so far, I have found myself and taken what I have learned from you and realizing that you were abosolutely right in so many ways.

I will always be extremely grateful, and I hope to attend more of your workshops with a deeper understanding of what message you are trying to spread. Thanks for being patient and open in the meditation classess. I call you my Canadian yogi, and there are actually a couple of people here who knew who you were when I mentioned you.

Have a profound trip this year, and I hope to attend next year.


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