Awareness is about not getting wrapped up in others conscience - Kathy Millard

Hello Bart:

Sadly I had not been able to attend the 2008 retreat for both spiritual/financial reasons. I am grateful for all that both you & Dr. Williams have taught me from the Meditation & Clairvoyance course back in November 2007. I've come so far since then and have no doubt that both yourself and Dr. Williams have been of great assistance in propelling me there.

I have no doubt that since my session with both you and Dr. Williams I've truly awakened to the path of my true self. The first time I ever listened to the 2007 retreat video, I honestly didn't get alot of it. I was too influenced by the negativity that had affected my life, now I get it when you say that "The process of purification is a long journey. That there's a difference between being and doing. What currently resonates with me the most is when either yourself or Dr. Williams states: Awareness is about not getting wrapped up in others conscience. 

How ever do you thank such a great being

With love in my heart.
Kathy Millard

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