Blown away - Lauren Ganja

Dear Bart,

Last nite was amazing (sounds like a love letter but it was almost like that!) I am so grateful to you for opening the session up to everyone, I haven't experienced your teachings and Dr. William's in that capacity either. Pure love and grace. The material was put into a perspective that absolutely provided a deep and profound healing (at least for me). It is you who also has elegance and grace and I respect how you encompass the teachings and do live your life aligned to God/Goddess/All That Is. I was so blown away by the energy transmitted as well as the words and concepts that I was unable to even put my pen to paper. I didn't want to miss the flow by going into my head. Should you ever make any of the teachings available, i.e. in book form, I'd love to have last nite's transcribed, although, I believe it is indelibly embedded in my consciousness so I'll just walk with that. Paying the rent? Easy in this case Bart. You are an inspiration (and pure Joy!). Thanks again. Really.
Lauren Ganja

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