Struggling in school - Anonymous

My relationship with Bart Smit/Dr. Williams started 13 years ago. My first session in 1988 concerned my husband who was very ill at that time. I received lots of information regarding people who could help him and things we both could do to move things forward. He gave me information about my friends and family that to this day help me deal with them in a positive way. I felt calm centered and ready to move on, feeling good about my life. 

My second experience was in 1994. I wanted to have a baby and went to see him again for help and direction. Considering my husband had been in for treatment for cancer, having a baby was not going to be easy. I gave him my options and he gave me terrific advice concerning each treatment and with his help I feel I made the choice that was right for us. I was blessed with a child. (two to date).
The most profound session that I have had with him was the last (July 2001). Turning 40 and being a parent of young children I had lots of questions for him. But I got more than I expected. One of my daughters was struggling in school and I could see something wasn't right but had no idea of what it was. Well Dr. Williams/Bart pinpointed it to be a disorder called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, which means she was born with a colour missing from her vision. This problem directly related to her problems at school. He suggested an Irlen Screener to go to, and life has changed dramatically for my daughter. She uses what they call colour gels to read and it has completely transformed her life. She is so much happier and well adjusted since the diagnosis. I am extremely grateful.
When I say I'm grateful, it doesn't feel that those words express the depth of my emotions. Would we have figured this out on our own? It's highly unlikely. Bart your gift has helped me, my family, but especially my young daughter in a way words cannot express. You have saved her a lifetime of frustration, humiliation and inferiority and for that I am truly grateful.

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams