Creator in my life - Anonymous

I am deeply grateful for my experiences with Dr. Williams and Bart Smit.

I have brought my concerns, my limitations and my search for a greater understanding of my life and with each reading with Dr. Williams I have received answers to help me to understand the meaning and purpose of my life and I leave with an expanded understanding and greater confidence to fullfil my life's purpose. Dr. Williams seems to know exactly how to express thoughts and concepts in a way that I can understand and can assimilate into my life. Sometimes he expresses through compassion or encouragement, at other times through "rattling my cage" to motivate me, but Dr. Williams always expresses with his love in a respectful, caring environment. As a result of my relationship with Dr. Williams I have learned how to more clearly see what is going on in my life - to see how I function in relationships and how people relate to me. Most recently, Dr. Williams has pushed me into action to become the creator in my life. If I want something in my life, I have the power and the ability to create it. It is my responsibility.

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams